Seasonal Landscaping: A Wise Investment for Your Home


A yard is so much more than just a yard. It’s an escape, an area of relaxation, and a big part of our home life.

That’s why it’s important to think about your seasonal landscaping. Just as the four seasons bring different weather, they also bring different areas of landscaping.

For example, do you know that spring-flowering bulbs should be planted in the fall? Or pruning your bushes and trees is better done in the spring after the first new growth?

What Is Seasonal Landscaping?

Seasonal landscaping takes place at the beginning of every season. Different tasks are done during different seasons. This method can maximize the health of your yard and plants.

So what landscaping needs to be done, and when?

Summer Landscaping

Summer is the time to mow the lawn, weed the flowerbeds and walkways, and keep bugs away from your plants. Hardscaping should be saved for other seasons for the sake of the health of your yard.

You should also focus on maintaining the garden tools you use. Sharpening lawn mower blades, oiling weedeaters, and cleaning tools.

Fall Landscaping

This is when you want to seed your lawn and patch dead areas of grass. Fertilize your yard with a fall fertilizer. You should also spend time cleaning up any fallen crops from your garden and raking fallen leaves.

This is also the time of year you want to prune any rosebushes. You’ll also need to plant any bulbs for spring flowers.

Winter Landscaping

During this time of year, most of your landscaping work is pretty hands-off. Most of the work is to keep plants from being damaged by frost and the cold.

During the wintertime, it is very important to avoid walking on any dormant or frozen plants. If it snows a lot in your area try to avoid using salt, instead, use sand or kitty litter.

Repairing your hardscapes is also done at this time of the year. You should also check any irrigation systems for cracks and repair them if necessary.

More About Landscaping

While this all can sound overwhelming it does have major benefits for your home. It improves your home’s curb appeal, can reduce the amount of stress you have, as well as help your local ecosystem.

If it seems like it could be too much work to take on and remember on your own consider enlisting the help of a professional. Be sure to find one that offers full landscaping services like those offered by Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC.

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