Landscape Your Way to Calm

 Landscape Your Way to Calm

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It’s a stressful world out there and between work and family life, finding a moment to yourself is always going to be a challenge. And, when you do finally find that moment, it’s all too easy to fritter it away without actually relaxing.

Being outside and within nature is the perfect way to find your inner peace. The sound of the wind gently rustling through leaves, the trickle of a water feature, the song of the birds – all of these things are well known for bringing you back down to earth.

So how do you create this magical retreat? All you need to do is dig up your boring old yard and do a bit of custom landscaping of your own.

Plants and Trees

The plants you choose have a structural role to play but they may also bring color, scent and sound depending on what you pick. Herbal remedies are well-known for relieving anxiety and herbs in the garden are ideal for adding scent. Lavender is a classic home remedy for calming you down and even inducing sleep – ideal for a nap in the sunshine!

When you are choosing your plants and trees, do consider how you want to create some privacy in your garden. Taller trees are ideal but they will also cast a lot of shade (which your neighbors may not appreciate either. Instead, a trellis with some climbing plants like clematis or honeysuckle might work a little better.

Waterfalls and Fountains

The sound of burbling water is one of the most calming in the world and it’s very easy to create. In fact, no garden should be without a water feature of some kind as they attract wildlife from insects and frogs to small mammals and birds.

Creating your own stream isn’t as difficult as you might think. It’s simply a case of marking out the path you want the water to take and then adding stones to encourage it along the right path. Ending your stream with a small rock pool and waterfall is a great way to encourage the sound of the water as well as give birds somewhere to bathe.

Wildlife and Habitats

If you want to encourage birds to come into your garden, you have to create a hospitable environment for them. Bird feeders are great but do be careful with your placement – too close to the house and birds may crash into your windows. Add a variety of seeds to see which are the most popular with the birds who visit you and to provide a balanced diet.

But you should also encourage other types of wildlife to visit. Insects and frogs may not be cute and cuddly but they are valuable species and deserve a home. Your water feature will encourage frogs to visit and plenty of flowers species will encourage insects too. Avoid using chemicals in your garden and try not to see the insects as a bad thing – we really need our insect species to survive and they are already under attack elsewhere.

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