How To Care for Your Landscape Pond Through Different Seasons

How To Care for Your Landscape Pond Through Different Seasons

One of the best additions that you can get to your property is to add a landscape pond. Not only does it give your home another aesthetic highlight, but it can also add a significant value to your property if properly maintained.

However, maintaining a pond needs extra time and effort if you really want to do it properly. You need to consider seasonal maintenance routines since they will have different needs depending on the season and the climate conditions. You also need to consider the size, condition, location, and content of your pond in your maintenance routine. We’ve compiled some useful tips that you can use so that you can have an attractive-looking landscape pond all year round.

Before anything else, you need to be familiar with some of the basic elements of your pond. First, you need to check if your liner is still in good condition. From the name, this element contains the water and prevents any leaks. It is made from rigid plastic, fiberglass, rubber, or PVC sheeting. Also, check if you still have the proper amount of sand in your pond. This is the resting spot for your liner, so this can be moved or eroded if not properly maintained. Also, check if your edging materials are in place. These materials are what create the theme or appeal of the pond. Aside from that, these also prevent the surface water from draining into your pond which can cause contamination.

Maintaining the Pond in Spring

Spring is the time you can properly clean the pond bottom, You can drain the pond if needed, allowing you to hose down the liner and remove any much build-up. Take care of leaks by patching them up with a pond repair kit. If you ignore this step, the liner tear could get bigger over time and cause greater water loss. Also take this time to maintain your pump and filter, as well as check on your pond aerators. These are vital to keeping the fishes and plants in your pond alive, so it’s important to properly maintain them. Always check for dead leaves and debris on the water and make sure to remove them immediately. This helps prevent the build-up of toxic gases that can kill your fishes.

Maintaining the Pond in Summer

During summer, you need to be mindful of the water level in your pond. Keep proper water balance to avoid salt and mineral build-up. It’s better to add smaller amounts of water often instead of dumping large amounts once in a while. Trim plants, remove dead leaves, and ensure that the surface is clear of any debris. Summer really boosts the growth of these plants so be mindful that they don’t overwhelm your pond.

Maintaining the Pond in Winter

During the winter, it’s important to float wood or a ball on the pond surface to absorb any pressure from expanding ice, thus protecting the integrity of your pond. You also need to keep an air hole open for your fish. You can do this using a bubbler or air stone. This helps release toxic gases on your pond and will keep the water from freezing.


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