Should I Worry About Tonsils?

Should I Worry About Tonsils?

While it is a fact that tonsil troubles are prevalent among children, adults alike can suffer this condition’s worries. When you or your kid experiences complications with tonsils, having a trusted provider in your corner can come in handy. If you seek effective treatment for tonsils in Marrero, contact the adept specialists at ENT of New Orleans for comprehensive treatment. Book an appointment for excellent care for all nose, throat, and ear needs for patients throughout the Greater New Orleans area.

Defining Tonsils

One on each side, tonsils are located at the rear end of your throat. They are made of tissue that is identical to your lymph nodes. Tonsils are oval-shaped and covered by mucosa. They are part of your lymphatic system, helping in preventing infections. However, according to research, removing your tonsils does not affect your immune function.

What Complications Arise from Tonsils?

Many people live their lives without having any complications with their tonsils. That notwithstanding, other individuals experience these difficulties regularly. Tonsillitis, which refers to a viral or bacterial infection of your tonsils, can attack frequently.

A peritonsillar abscess develops when infection forms a pocket of pus beside your tonsil, forcing it to change position. Acute mononucleosis (also known as “mono”) is a viral infection that causes severe swelling in your tonsils and pain.

In some cases, patients develop enlarged tonsils, making it hard to breathe freely during your sleep. When the debris trapped in your tonsils toughens, you are likely to develop tonsil stones. Common symptoms of tonsils include:

  •       Bad breath
  •       Sore throat
  •       Fever
  •       Complications during breathing
  •       Stiff neck
  •       Difficulty swallowing
  •       Yellow or white patches on or close to your tonsils

If these symptoms prove severe or happen repeatedly, schedule a consultation with the ENT of New Orleans for relevant solutions.

How are Tonsils Treated?

Medication can be viable in addressing most cases of tonsils. If your condition is unresponsive to drug therapy, your provider may recommend a surgery known as a tonsillectomy, which involves removing your tonsils.

Adenoids are small glands located at the roof of your mouth. An adenoidectomy refers to a surgery that aims to remove your adenoids. This procedure often occurs simultaneously with a tonsillectomy and is effective in addressing chronic throat and respiratory infections.

Although tonsils affect just about anyone, the condition is particularly dominant among children. Your team providers at ENT of New Orleans include experts in pediatric ENT who offer compassionate and personable care to young patients granting them lasting relief.

Other Services Available

The team at ENT of New Orleans offers more than tonsils treatment. You can contact them for various other high-class practices such as:

  •       Ear Infection
  •       Allergies
  •       Sleep Apnea
  •       Sinusitis
  •       Sinus Surgery
  •       Immunotherapy
  •       Respiratory Infection
  •       Vertigo
  •       Skin Care
  •       Rhinoplasty
  •       Botox
  •       Thyroid
  •       Hearing Aids
  •       Pediatric ENT
  •       Rhinoplasty
  •       Plastic Surgery

Bottom Line

Living with tonsil complications can be devastating, affecting your chewing and overall wellness. If you or a dear one struggles with frequent sore throats or other throat complications, do not let the symptoms become severe. Call, or book your consultation online with ENT of New Orleans for a superior diagnostic exam.

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