Invisalign: A Comfortable and Faster Method to Align Crooked Teeth

Invisalign: A Comfortable and Faster Method to Align Crooked Teeth

Misaligned teeth can be a reason for misery, as, without a proper set of teeth, you will lack a reason to smile. However, you can find your cheer and happiness with Invisalign®. Dr. Dana Samet will work with you to ensure the procedure gives the right results to impress not only you but also those closest to you. Find the procedure at your South Bay Invisalign® center to mark a new beginning in the way you smile.

How can Invisalign improve your mouth aesthetics?

Invisalign® consists of a plastic aligner that gradually shifts your teeth’s position when placed inside your mouth.  Repositioning is a gradual process that eventually gives the desired results to the user. The plastic aligners provide comfort just like retainers and work painlessly to give you the desired teeth alignment.

The procedure to place aligners begins by creating impressions using computers.  Your doctor makes a 3D impression of your mouth and arrangement of teeth to create a customized treatment that aligns your teeth to the desired direction and position. You will have a meeting with Dr. Samet every two weeks to ensure that your treatment will bring you the desired results.

A point to note is that your aligner will stay in place until your teeth reach a desired position in the mouth. Consequently, every day you must wear the aligner for up to 20 hours on the lower side and 22 hours on the upper side.

What benefits does Invisalign provide to the wearer?

 Invisalign provides comfort as it does not use metals like in traditional braces. Metal braces often cause gum discomfort to the user and other irritations that Invisalign has eliminated. With Invisalign in position, you will notice the following benefits:

  •         Has received a recommendation from many professionals for over 20 years
  •         Helps both children and adults
  •         Little irritation and discomforts, especially to the gums
  •         You can eat any food
  •         Invisalign comes in many designs and shapes

Invisalign’s other benefit is its ability to monitor the gradual alignment of your teeth, making it the most preferred aligner among teens. Metal braces and other forms of braces do not offer the same benefits as an Invisalign since your dentist manually checks whether they have achieved the correct results.

Additionally, Invisalign offers faster results that place your teeth in the position you desire. Therefore, with Invisalign, you will notice faster results meaning you can go back to your normal life much faster.

What happens after an Invisalign Procedure?

Follow-ups are essential to give the best results after an Invisalign procedure. Your doctor can also provide you with other retainers that will increase the accuracy of the treatment. Over the next few weeks, appointments with your doctor will make sure that your teeth stay in their new position, followed by dental checkups to pick out and treat other problems.

Smile better with an Invisalign procedure in place from Dental Art of South Bay. Enjoy faster alignment of your teeth with more comfort with the help of Dr. Samet. Achieve this realignment by calling or booking your appointment online.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

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