Summer, dry eyes, and new glasses

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Recently, my eyes had been bothering me to the point where I couldn’t see a thing. Since I often use my computer to keep up with both my family and friends, I had to take care of the problem immediately. After scheduling an eye exam appointment, I headed to my trusty vision center to see my favorite optometrist. I walked away with a new eyeglass prescription and I think my new glasses are the best, mainly because I can see without having to use readers.

Summer, dry eyes, and new glasses

More importantly, I also walked away having learned something unexpected: that I have dry eyes. My optometrist explained that several different things could’ve brought on this condition and that my eyes weren’t able to lubricate themselves. Before, I’d thought I was having allergy issues because of the way my eyes felt. I started googling dry eyes when I got home and found out that I wasn’t alone. 30 million people living in the US experience the same issue. To be honest, I didn’t know what dry eyes were or realized that this condition, not seasonal allergies, was what was affecting my everyday life.

That is when I decided I needed SYSTANE® Complete. I researched everything about dry eyes and this product kept jumping out at me, mainly because it’s the #1 doctor recommended brand of eye drops and because it’s now possible to try SYSTANE® Complete in an eye doctor’s office. I like to try before I buy when that option is available. Plus, I can buy it over the counter, so I don’t have to go see my vision center every time I need a new bottle. Finally, get this: SYSTANE® Complete is the most advanced solution in the SYSTANE® family of eye drops.

Summer, dry eyes, and new glasses

If your eyes feel like mine did, try SYSTANE® Complete. It is designed to help dry eye sufferers like you and me find real relief from every major type of dry eye. To learn more about SYSTANE® Complete and the full line of eye drops, visit or follow SYSTANE® Complete on Facebook. You can find SYSTANE® Complete at the major retailers in your area, in your nearest pharmacy, on favorite e-commerce sites or at your eye doctor’s (optometrist and ophthalmologist) office.

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  1. I meant a lot less $$$… in my post below.

  2. The generic versions of Systane that Walgreens and CVS sell work just as well for a let $$$. Just saying. I’ve been suffering with dry eyes for years now and Systane helps but not long term and you just have to keep buying more. Doc have me an RX to try… hopefully it will provide some relief.

  3. Carole-Lynn de Groat

    This year my eyes have radically increased in dryness. I have to use eye drops twice a day now, or else my eyes actually hurt. I use a generic brand, but my eye doctor recommends Systane, which I have in my shopping list. I’m very interested in Systane complete!

  4. I’ve never had dry eyes, thank goodness, but I know my aunt does. It gives her problems so I will suggest this to her.

  5. Babushka had been diagnosed with dry eyes years ago. Apparently normal eyes lubricate every 5 seconds, unfortunately BB’s eyes take twice as long, and now with looking at the computer screen constantly it’s gotten worse. Systane is a well known brand; will be looking into this product. Gracias for the info and the giveaway, wouldn’t mind winning some! BB2U

  6. I think it’s so important to go see the eye doctor each year too. I made the mistake of not going for years, and when I finally went, it turned out I needed glasses. Now my whole family makes sure to go every year.

  7. I don’t get dry eyes too much thankfully, my eyes hurt when they’re dry. Glad you found something that works for you.

  8. Dryness of the eyes can be irritating and also impair vision. I guess too much time in front of computer screens aggravates this issue. Systane seems to be a good remedy for this.

  9. I have never had dry eyes but I know of others that do and it is a painful condition. Staying on top of it with the right eye drops I am sure helps a lot!

  10. My husband is one of those 30 million with dry eyes. It tends to get worse for him in the spring and fall months.

  11. I have dry eyes, too. For me, they weep continually unless I take allergy meds. At least I do have a simple fix.

  12. I haven’t heard of this one. I’ll have to check it out. My husband has very dry eyes.

  13. I don’t have dry eyes, but my oldest daughter who wear glasses does sometimes. What a great giveaway!

  14. I don’t have Dry Eyes but I know people who do so I will share this with them. Although I do need new glasses soon.

  15. My eyes get it the worst when it comes to allergies. I will have to try this out.

  16. I have Summer allergies and my eyes tend to get a little dry during the Summer as opposed to any other season. What a great giveaway! Good luck!

  17. This looks like a good product. I don’t have dry eyes but I’m glad to see there are products like this to help those who do.

  18. I love Systane. I use it a lot, especially during the summer when my eyes are really dry and grainy.

  19. I will have to try this out. I do get dry eyes at times and I hate it. I will have to be sure to enter the giveaway!

  20. Very important to take care of eyes. This product works really well as I have used it and continue to use it

  21. I do not have dry eyes but I do know a friend of mine that does. I’m wondering if these would help with her eyes because it is very uncomfortable for her.

  22. I have an eye disease called Fuch’s Syndrome. I use Systane to relieve my eyes when they get dry and begin to hurt.

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