Eliminate Skin Cancer and Maintain Your Skin’s Aesthetics Using Mohs Surgery

Eliminate Skin Cancer and Maintain Your Skin’s Aesthetics Using Mohs Surgery

Cancers vary in the way they affect people. Consequently, some cancers are fast-acting and can move from one point to another, while others act slowly. Mohs surgery is one way you can remove the cancer with minimal scarring while avoiding your skin cancer from moving to other critical organs. In Chevy Chase Mohs surgery specialist, Ali Hendi, MD, can answer any questions you have.

How is Mohs surgery helpful?

Mohs surgeries help remove skin cancers with little intrusions, leaving minimal scarring. The procedure requires a specialist who has many years of experience to only remove a small layer of cancer cells from your skin. Dr. Ali Hendi precisely removes the cancer layers of your skin and discharges you on the same day. 

Is there any pain associated with Mohs surgery?

The procedure begins with anesthesia, making sure you feel as little pain as possible. Therefore, during the main procedure, you will not feel any pain. However, after the surgery, you will feel some discomforts and redness that resolve on their own in just a few days. Your doctor can issue you with treatments such as Tylenol to help deal with your pain.

What to Expect During Mohs Surgery

The treatment site’s numbing guarantees that you feel as little pain as possible during the procedure. Your doctor will then remove cancerous tissues after preparing a slide in the lab that depicts your skin. Additionally, your doctor can make further examinations in the lab while you relax in a comfortable room.

Removing cancer tissue is a slow process that requires attention to detail.  For instance,  a stage of tissue removal can take up to 10-15 minutes. However, the preparation process in the lab can take your doctor up to 2 hours. Stages often vary with the patient, as your doctor can take up to 3 stages to complete cancerous tissues’ removal. Some people can even go for a single-stage, depending on the extent of cancers on their skin.

Dr. Hendi applies various techniques to hide the wounds of the surgeries. You can receive skin grafting to cover the treated parts, while for other patients grafts will not be neccessary.

Mohs surgeries take place within the same day of admission and you can prepare yourself to go back home after the surgery. You will need to relax for up to a day before going back to work or any other strenuous activities.

Where is Mohs surgery performed?

Mostly, these types of surgeries take place in a Mohs facility. Dr. Hendi will select a suitable place where you can have your surgery safely. Additionally, Mohs surgeries are accredited procedures with your health the significant point of concern.

Avoid the complications of skin cancer by discussing with a specialist the benefits of Mohs surgery. If you are ready to benefit from Mohs surgery, call the facility or book your appointment online.

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