The Best Prescription Color Contact Lenses For Brown Eyes

The Best Prescription Color Contact Lenses For Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are underappreciated and under-celebrated, with over 70% of the world’s population possessing them, there’s no wonder why this is the case. Yet, brown eyes are rich, deep, and alluring, the darkest colored eyes of them all. With this being said, for people who don’t see the attraction with their own eyes, there is an alternative route to travel down-color contact contact lenses. We have outlined which lenses are best to pair with dark brown eyes, information detailing colored contacts with a prescription, and a small introduction to one of our favourite natural-looking lens brand-Solotica! Let’s begin…

What color contact lenses are best for dark brown eyes?

A question that may be on the tip of everyone’s tongue: do colored contact lenses cover dark brown eyes? I am sure you are not alone with this. Brown eyes are mysterious with their deep tones and earthy nature; however, this gorgeous coloring can be a challenge to cover, and rumours are flying around. These are false. To clear things up, no matter how dark the brown, they can be altered with colored contacts, just opt for opaque lenses. Slightly transparent lenses will only alter the eye slightly, creating a lighter finish. There are a variety of lenses on the market that will suit brown-eyed people, and we suggest choosing two options: causing a stir with an opposite color, or heightening your natural beauty with a brighter earthy shade. Transforming the eye with a blue contact lens is a great option! Who doesn’t want to go with the complete opposite now and again? The light lens will lift the dark hold and ensure your eyes sparkle with the essence of the sea and sky. You can also choose a playful shade for a striking appearance. For those of you who would prefer a more natural finish and don’t want to stray too far away from your brown pigmentation, lighter greens/browns are perfect! Green eyes will always look natural on brown eyes due to their specks of yellow or brown. There are also some great soft brown lenses too, to brighten the eye and create a desirable look.

Can you get colored contact lenses with a prescription? 

Colored contact lenses are not just limited to people with 20/20 vision, people who need to correct their vision can do so with prescription lenses. Luckily, there is an extensive range of colored contacts that can be purchased for people who are either short-sighted or long-sighted. An example of a brand that provides prescription lenses is Solotica. This wonderful brand offers lenses with prescriptions that range from powers -10.00-+5.00, so there’s no need to worry. For those of you who have astigmatism, there are also options! If this is a word that is new to you, astigmatism is when someone’s eye is shaped more like a rugby ball than a football and can cause light sensitivity and blurred vision. Solotica has toric lenses for this in three of their collections: Hidrocor, Hidrocor Rio and Natural Colours. These colored contacts for astigmatism are like any other lens, custom-made and perfect for any occasion. 

The Best Prescription Color Contact Lenses For Brown Eyes

How popular is Solotica?

Solotica is a brand that is growing in popularity, and we too are excited about the hype (can’t you tell). People’s health and wellbeing are at the heart of what they do, they hold a US FDA certification and are registered internationally. To go back to its routes, the natural colored contact brand originated in Brazil in 1949, and since then they have been manufacturing and shipping an impressive number of lenses all over the world. For inspiration, they looked upon Brazil’s scenery, echoing the beautiful colors of the landscapes in their collections. Named as the most natural when it comes down to colored contact lenses, Solotica has also been featured on Insider Beauty and Beauty by Allure for this exact reason. People love it! They are a ‘must have’ essential and one of the hottest trending beauty products on the market. Celebrities that have celebrated this brand by wearing Solotica are Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Pia Mia. Kylie has worn a fair few from the collections and her favourites are Hidrocor Ice, Hidrocor Grafite, Hidrocor Mel, and Hidrocor Ocre. Pia Mia was a self-made YouTuber now an icon that also wears Solotica lenses. You can see Pia wearing Hidrocor Azul and Hidrocor Cristal. There’s more…beauty influencers are no stranger to this progressive brand and the following influencers have shared in their delight: @hudabeauty, @bodmonzaid, @youngcouture, @isabelbedoya, @christendominque. Solotica is taking the world by storm!

Brown eyes are beautiful, there is no doubt about that. However, for those of you who enjoy switching up your appearance, we hope the above has helped to outline which colored lenses go best with dark brown eyes. As days go by, more people are opting to alter their eyes with lenses, and thankfully there are options for people who are short-sighted, long-sighted or have astigmatism. Solotica is our top pick, and we know that you will love the natural-looking lenses! Try them out for yourself. 

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