Precious Moments, It’s A Celebration, 40 Year Anniversary


When I think of Precious Moments, I generally think of their sweet figurines & Christmas ornaments that I buy at Hallmark while searching for cards. It wasn’t until recently that I realized just how much they’ve evolved. I received the following products for review purposes and I was genuinely surprised by their stunning Precious Moments home decor products. And they’re shabby chic decor at that! I’ve always loved #shabbychic products, I just didn’t realize Precious Moments sold any. I’ve been living under a rock people. A boulder actually!

My goodies consist of the following 3 products. The “Bless This Home” Wooden Candle Display and “Every Day Is A Gift”, Decorative Pitcher Vase is absolutely perfect to display anywhere. They even sell the Flameless Candles to go with the Wooden Candle Display. It’s been too stormy to get out and drive so the kids and I planned to go pick some wildflowers for the vase, in between thunderstorms. We’re still waiting for the in between to happen, lol. My dad was hit by lightning when I was a young girl so I’m a lot more cautious when it comes to storms than most people I know. If I get impatient enough, I’ll order some fresh cut flowers to be delivered. Pretend like you don’t see the puzzle pieces in the background.

Precious Moments, It's A Celebration, 40 Year Anniversary

Precious Moments, It's A Celebration, 40 Year Anniversary

Precious Moments, It's A Celebration, 40 Year Anniversary


Precious Moments, It's A Celebration, 40 Year Anniversary #shabbychic

Precious Moments, It's A Celebration, 40 Year Anniversary #shabbychic

Precious Moments, It's A Celebration, 40 Year Anniversary #shabbychic

Precious Moments, It's A Celebration, 40 Year Anniversary #shabbychic

Precious Moments, It's A Celebration, 40 Year Anniversary #shabbychic

Precious Moments, It's A Celebration, 40 Year Anniversary #shabbychic

If you’ve been following me on Shabby Chic Boho, you know how much I love home decor. I’m always changing my decor and rearranging the furniture. I mix and match and love finding unique items. Not only do I love home decor for myself, cute finds make the best gifts. This is the time of year when wedding bells start ringing, and anniversaries roll around, and of course, with a large family like mine, someone is always having a Birthday. Mine was 2 days ago and it hasn’t sunk in yet that I’m a year older but that’s a whole other topic I’m not discussing these days. What better gifts to give then one of Precious Moment’s new spring arrivals? I guarantee they have something for everyone.

ANd now for some super big news. Precious Moments is celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year! 40 glorious years of love. Although our farmhouse burned to the ground when I was younger, I still remember the first Precious Moments figurine I got for Christmas a few months before the fire. It was one of their original figurines. What I wouldn’t give to still have it and some of my other favorite childhood trinkets. I bet if you think hard enough, you can remember your first one as well.

Precious Moments, It's A Celebration, 40 Year Anniversary

After you finish drooling over my new goodies (I’m still flipping out about them), and taking a peek at the above infographic and video head on over to Precious Moments website by clicking on any of my above links. Now is the time to get ahead on your gift shopping and celebrate the arrival of their new spring line (and don’t forget to snag a few products for yourself as well).

Precious Moments Shabby Chic Collection brings a farmhouse style collection of home décor that adds a heartwarming touch of faith to your home. This inspirational collection includes photo frames, a pitcher, candle holder and tabletop décor. Designed with understated country elegance, these home décor gifts are perfect shower or engagement gifts, wedding mementos, housewarming gifts and more.

Precious Moments stands the test of time, with new functional and modern-day collections that fit today’s lifestyle.

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11 thoughts on “Precious Moments, It’s A Celebration, 40 Year Anniversary

  1. When I was a young girl I used to collect Precious Moments stuff. Unfortunately a lot of mine got broken in various moves when I was too young to be smart enough to protect them better, and that’s heartbreaking. I still have a special place in my heart for them though.

  2. I absolutely love Precious Moments. They definitely have something for everything in life.

  3. That is beautiful. I would love to display that on the ledge of one of my tall window arches. I love that it says “Bless this Home”.

  4. I really adore that beautiful candle holder. It looks so natural and comfortable to look at and it goes well with any front house design or interior decoration.

  5. I had no idea they had this complete other line of offerings. I have some friends who may have outgrown the figurines, but would likely love this line as a more mature way to keep collecting Precious Memories!

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