Some Helpful Tips For Dining Out With Children

Some Helpful Tips For Dining Out With Children

When you have kids your whole life can change in ways you never would have expected, and even things that once seemed like simple, run-of-the-mill activities take on new complexities, even to the point of feeling like impossibilities! Case in point- dining out with children.

If you are fortunate to live in an area that has restaurants that pride themselves on being kid-friendly, then family dining in Sutherland Shire is easy, just walk in and enjoy your meal! Family-friendly venues understand that kids aren’t perfect, and their staff won’t bat an eye at an occasional temper tantrum or messy spill. Even better, the other diners won’t judge you too harshly either, because they are there with their own kids, so they know

But, not all restaurants are so easy going and family-oriented, which means if you decide to bring your kids you had best have a good game plan in place first!

Call Ahead – Restaurants want your business, and most will do their very best to accommodate families with young children. They are in the hospitality industry and their goal is to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Even so, it’s in everyone’s best interests for you to call ahead and check with them first before you drag your brood through their doors. They might be able to arrange a table for you placed remotely from the rest so if things go wrong you won’t be disturbing other diners. Also, if you have special needs like high chairs you should make a reservation for them, as they are likely to be in limited supply. If your host is ready and waiting for your arrival the whole thing is going to be a lot more likely to come off as a pleasant evening out with your kids!

The Restaurant Rules – Young children need guidance and are much more likely to behave properly if they know what is expected of them ahead of time! That’s where the ‘restaurant rules’ come in, a simple set of expectations for them to follow while dining out, like no fighting, no yelling, no crying, no running, and no playing with your food! You can add a little incentive to sweeten the game, like if they behave properly throughout the entire meal they will receive a reward, such as a special dessert they love, or a desired toy.

Escape Plan – Sometimes even your very best efforts to set the tone for an outing and solemn promises of good behaviour just don’t pan out when they hit the real world. If your dinner turns into a nightmare where the kids are breaking all the rules anyway, the wait staff is giving you imploring looks, and the other diners are shaking their heads with disgust, then it’s time for Plan B: Pull the plug! Ask for everything to go, leave a big tip, and make your escape! Punishments will be dealt out at home.

The Australian Raising Children website has more ideas on dining with children. We hope this helps you manage your family’s next outing, and if not, remember that you can always just stay home and order pizza!

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