Staying Healthy While Doing a Desk Job

Staying Healthy While Doing a Desk Job

Doing a desk job isn’t very favorable for your posture or midsection, and it’s quite hard to stay active and fit. Moreover, it isn’t just your physical health that’s at stake here. Sitting all day at a desk takes a toll on your overall health, and in time, it may lead to diabetes, heart disease, and even some types of cancer.  The goal here is to stay active with a mini elliptical, as well as by carefully following my tips. 

The unfortunate reality is that desk jobs have become very common in our modern life, and they’re necessary so we can provide for our basic needs. So, the question is how to balance working at a desk and staying healthy. Naturally, it will take some thought and effort, but here are several ideas that may help.

Maintain proper posture

When you have to sit at your desk in the same chair for the entire workday, your posture will certainly slack. A mini elliptical to keep under your desk is advised. It keeps you active while you’re sitting. As attested by experts, proper posture is instrumental in reducing fatigue and the physical stress that your muscles and joints absorb. Maintaining correct posture begins with your chair. You need to ensure that it’s at the proper height for your body with the seat just below the bottom of your knees, according to expert chiropractors.

You should also pay attention to the position of your thighs – they should be parallel to the floor and the armrests should be slightly below your elbows. Your keyboard height should also be an inch to two below your elbows so that your hands stay in a neutral position while you type. Also, you probably have a bad habit of crossing your legs which you should try to break. Instead, keep both feet flat on a footrest or the floor in front of you.

Stay active at your desk

Staying Healthy While Doing a Desk Job

Some offices encourage their employees to stand at their desks by providing special desks that can be adjusted to sitting or standing positions. If you don’t have such a desk, you can still stand at times, for instance, while you’re on the phone or trying to come up with a new idea. If you can, alternate sitting and standing every 30 minutes.  

Use your standing time as a break to be active – stretch, do some exercises or yoga. It only takes a little to get your juices flowing. You can have a few props in your office such as resistance bands or an under-desk elliptical to get you moving. Any type of mini workouts will help your body stay in motion, reduce your fatigue and stress, and improve your health.

Another very helpful thing is getting a high-quality muscle massager that is handheld and easy to use and store afterwards. It’s designed to provide quick and focused relief by increasing blood flow and reducing accumulated lactic acid in a particular area. This eases muscle stiffness, soreness, and spasms, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to take on new challenges.

Regular staff meetings are usually a very sedentary thing, so you might suggest that your group has walking meetings. It could be done on the premises, around the office, or on the rooftop or yard, if you have one.

Furnish your office to meet your health goals

As mentioned before, there are many things you can bring into your office to customize it to your needs. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of health-conscious products, particularly those designed for office workers. So, evaluate your needs and preferences, and consider exchanging your conventional sit-down desk with an adjustable desk, replacing your office chair with an ergonomic one or even choosing a stability ball. Other options can include ergonomic equipment such as keyboards, or computer mice that alleviate strain in the arm when working for long periods of time.

Pack your lunch

Staying Healthy While Doing a Desk Job

When you’re in a rush to get an assignment finished but you’re also starving, you’re more likely to pick a quick unhealthy meal during your lunch break. This is the time when you can greatly benefit from prepping and planning your lunches in advance. Also, make an effort not to eat lunch alone at your desk, but rather go to your common office areas and eat lunch with your co-workers. Studies have proven that you have greater chances of sticking to your healthy eating goals and are less likely to reach for indulgences when you eat in company.

Even for the healthiest of people, spending all day sitting at a desk at work is very challenging and compromises your overall health. However, with some careful planning and execution, you can easily incorporate these ideas into your daily work routine and stay both productive and healthy.

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