It’s Time To Get Your Flu Shot

It's Time To Get Your Flu Shot

What does fall mean to you? Are you ready for a break from the heat? Does it mean neighborhood BBQs?  Whatever it means to you, get ready because next Monday, September 23, 2019, will be the first day of fall and I’m ready for cooler air, changing leaves, cozy sweaters, boots, hot chocolate, trick or treaters,  pumpkin pies, and flu season.  Yes, you read that right, I’m ready for flu season but in the sense that I’ve taken precautions once again to avoid the flu.  I had my flu shot a couple of weeks ago and this is just my yearly reminder to get your flu shot.  Ideally, you should get your flu shot by the end of October before flu season starts so go ahead and get it right away.

It's Time To Get Your Flu Shot

I got my flu shot at my pharmacy and most pharmacies give them to those 18+ unless you have a prescription for a child under 18. You can also get them at urgent healthcare clinics, health departments, and your physician’s office.  In fact, I’ve been seeing flu shot signs popping up everywhere, even places I didn’t realize offered flu shots. If you’re not sure where to get a flu shot in your area click here

Getting a flu shot is really important but so are other things such as hand washing several times a day with good old soap and water as well as by using a good hand sanitizer with botanically derived ingredients.  Don’t forget to pop some in your kid’s backpacks. I also use antibacterial products that kill germs to wash my doorknobs, light switches, remote controls, kitchen knobs, cabinet knobs, dresser pulls, all bathroom areas and all counter spaces in my kitchen.  I do this several times a week, sometimes more often than that.  Lysol spray is great to have on hand as well.

It's Time To Get Your Flu Shot

The flu kills and I just want you all to be prepared for flu season. Do you have any tips to help prevent the flu?

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