Steam Carpet Cleaning Guide For Homeowners

Steam Carpet Cleaning Guide For Homeowners

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you understand the importance of keeping your carpets clean and fresh. Unfortunately, regular vacuum cleaning is not enough to remove dirt and stains from deep within carpet fibers. Thus, expert carpet cleaners always recommend the steam carpet cleaning method.  Whether it’s time for spring cleaning or your carpets have seen better days after months without treatment, steam carpet cleaning can be an effective way to bring back those original looks – all with minimal effort. Read on for our quick guide to steam carpet cleaning for homeowners!

What Is Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Steam carpet cleaning is a special carpet cleaning method that utilizes steam and cleaning agents to clean carpets effectively. The cleaning method utilizes equipment (steam carpet cleaners) that spray steam alongside cleaning chemicals on carpets to clean them. Stream carpet cleaning uses mechanisms to drain the resulting solution leaving carpets fresh, clean, and almost dry. If you’re in the Sterling area and in need of professional carpet cleaning, consider reaching out to experts in carpet cleaning Sterling for a thorough and efficient service.

What Methods Are Used? How is it done?

Steam carpet cleaning offers an effective and deep clean that not only loosens dirt but also eliminates bacteria, mold, fungus, dust mites, and other harmful microbes. Using powerful hot steam under high pressure to penetrate into the fabric of carpets allows for a thorough extraction process eradicating even hidden particles.

Advantages Of Steam Carpet Cleaning – why get it done?

Steam carpet cleaning has very many advantages. The most notable include:

  1. The method is very effective in eliminating germs, dirt, and harmful pests/insects: Unlike vacuum cleaners which focus on removing carpet dust/dirt only, steam carpet cleaning goes further and kills harmful pests, insects as well as pathogens i.e. bacteria, fungus, mold, dust mites, etc.
  2. The method doesn’t leave soapy residue: Steam carpet cleaning removes detergent residue more effectively when compared to most carpet cleaning methods.
  3. The method is far-reaching: Steam cleaners pump out hot steam at high pressures penetrating the deepest carpet fibers unreachable using vacuum cleaners. Steam carpet cleaners are also able to remove 95% of all moisture leaving your carpet almost dry.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Guide For Homeowners

The Process of Steam Carpet Cleaning

There are two main carpet cleaning steps to consider. Below is a discussion of each of these steps in detail.

  1. Preparation

Like any other cleaning method, steam carpet cleaning starts before the actual cleaning process. For instance, you need to prepare your carpet for cleaning. To do this effectively, you need to;

  • Identify a good steam cleaner. You can use websites such as to find the best portable steam cleaners in the market today. A good steam carpet cleaner should clean your carpet effectively and remove (95%or more) of all water without damaging the carpets appearance and fibers.
  • Find the perfect time to clean your carpet: Your carpet should be cleaned when the weather is conducive i.e. a sunny day so that your carpet dries faster. Cleaning your carpet on a dull, cold or rainy day prolongs drying promoting the growth of mold. Your carpet is also bound to produce a foul smell if it takes longer to dry.
  • Select a good carpet cleaning solution/detergent: There are very many types of carpet cleaning solutions/detergents. The best detergents are strong but gentle on carpet fibers i.e. they have a
  • Using your steam cleaner
  1. Using A Steam Cleaner

Once you are ready to clean your carpet, the next step is to use your steam cleaner. The best steam cleaners are easy to use. Furthermore, they have clear instructions to guide you all the way. You shouldn’t, therefore, have a problem using your steam cleaner effectively if you get step one right i.e. You select a good steam carpet cleaner. It would help if you focused on using the right amount of cleaning solution as well as rinsing out as much cleaning solution as possible. Once you do this, it shouldn’t be a problem cleaning as well as drying your carpet effectively.

Take Away

If you’re looking for a carpet cleaning company, be sure to ask if they offer steam cleaning. Many companies don’t advertise this service, but it’s becoming increasingly popular. Homeowners like steam carpet cleaning because it’s effective and doesn’t require harsh chemicals. If you’re concerned about the environment or have allergies, steam carpet cleaning is a great choice for you. 

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