Home addition: What To Know Before Getting Started?

Home addition: What To Know Before Getting Started?

Knowing whether or not to implement a home addition can be a daunting affair, especially when you have more questions than answers. How much would the home addition cost? What codes and contractors are required? Should you go for an attached or detached structure? The list goes on.

We understand that you may be in a dilemma. Therefore, we’ve addressed some things you must know before embarking on a home addition project in East Lansing.

When is a home addition a great idea?

Should you add an addition to your house, even though you feel like it, is it a great choice?

Whether it’s a little more outdoor space or bump-out addition, every home addition is an investment. You can enjoy the functionality of the newly added room, outdoor deck, or garage for years to come.

If you do not intend to sell the property, this is an even greater incentive to customize it with an addition. And if you plan to sell in the future, think about the increased resale value the home addition would bring.

However, if you plan to resell the space soon, a custom addition would not be a great idea. Also, it is wise to ensure whatever add-on you’re implementing is cost-effective to enable you to recoup the total cost plus returns.

What is the average cost of a home addition project?

There is no definite or average cost of home additions because different add-ons come with different variables. The total cost primarily depends on what you want and the process you take to achieve it.

Notwithstanding, it would cost more to hire an architect than to deal with contractors yourself. Most times, architects and structural engineers spend part of the money subcontracting other professionals.

When considering cost, you have to set limits for yourself. Adding square footage to your home is a great idea, but is it something you can afford without your bank account taking a hit? Can you convert your garage while maintaining your home’s value?

Know how much you’re willing to spend. If your primary aim is to add resale value to your property, the add-on should be tailored to this while remaining cost-effective.

What contractors must you hire?

Before going off to the hardware store to get your supplies, stop awhile and think, “who’s doing the work?”

In most cases, hiring an architect to lay out the design plan and oversee the project isn’t always necessary. 

It is always more cost-effective to deal with the contractors yourself when undergoing such projects in places like East Lansing. And for large additions like kitchens and bedrooms, you would likely need multiple contractors. A design pro can help you with the aesthetics while you would need a plumber to link up the water and gas pipes to the other parts of the home. 

It’s ill-advised to go DIY for these jobs, as the right professionals will always consider your security and safety.

You may also need to get the building codes and permit to ensure your home addition doesn’t violate your community’s standards.

What kind of home addition should you go for?

Sunrooms, garage conversions, bump out (extending an existing room), and conventional house additions are great ways to add more space to your home. Choosing the right one depends on your needs, feasibility, and budget.

The Bottom Line

A home addition is hardly ever a bad idea. All you need to do is weigh your options, consider cost and benefits, and ensure it ultimately adds value to your home for years to come.

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