Stylish Flooring Trends Of 2020

Stylish Flooring Trends Of 2020

Flooring can make or break the overall look of any home. The texture and color of the floor add life to space. Apart from being a smart investment, it also makes your home look stylish and practical. But like all other things, every year flooring trends keep changing. Here are the latest stylish trends in 2020.


Hardwood is one of the most popular flooring options and the trend does not seem to die down at all. It was until now the most preferred surface for places like the living room and the bedroom. In 2020 it has gone beyond that and homeowners are getting more creative and using them for areas like the kitchen too. Some of the colors that are most preferred in hardwood flooring are gray, brown, and white. Hardwood, satin and matte finishes are selling like hotcakes, and best suited for those who love to go green. Wide hardwood planks are in trend as it makes the room look more spacious. 


Homeowners’ love for hardwood has just helped hardwood-like alternates in 2020. Vinyl is one such flooring type. These look just like hardwood but are waterproof, hence, an ideal choice for the kitchen and bathrooms. These are also apt where hardwood is difficult or expensive to install especially if you are doing it yourself. However, according to the best vinyl flooring in Singapore website, roping in an expert can help for a quick and efficient finish. Other advantages of vinyl include affordability, extra insulation, ease of installation and flexibility to be installed on any surface. Since it’s in trend, there are many color options and finishes to choose from. 


This is another hardwood look-alike that has seen a rise in popularity. It comes in various colors like the grays, whites, and espressos. This flooring type is made using the latest technology and with that, there are more styles. A mix of contemporary and rustic porcelain flooring is topping the charts in 2020. 

Area rugs

The demand for area rugs has risen as the fondness for hard surfaces increases. These area rugs add to the decor of the room and a tastefully picked up rug can act as a centerpiece. Many people prefer a pop color with a softer base color. You can also choose a rug having the same color as your accent wall. The major advantage of using these rugs is that you can change it with a new one if you need a makeover. 

Farmhouse Style

Rustic floors are popular, as people want to return to a simpler life or are nostalgic. Reclaimed wood, with wider planks and a distressed look is preferred as a flooring option. Shiplap has also become popular in 2020. Other farmhouse styles that are currently trending are the black and white mosaics with flowery or geometric designs. 

The above are some of the most popular flooring trends of 2020. These are not just seen on TV shows, and home decor magazines, but can also be seen in homes. Hence these are not mere visual fantasies but realtime options that can keep your home in line with the trends! 

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