Choosing The Right Platform Bed For Your Room

Choosing The Right Platform Bed For Your Room

A bed occupies maximum space inside your bedroom. It is also one of the most important pieces of furniture that you need to include in your home. A comfortable bed is a must for a good night’s sleep. Many are not aware of a platform bed for their room. First and foremost, you need to know what qualifies for a platform bed. The versatile beds have a bed frame which includes a built-in slat system so that you do not require a boxspring. It will give you a sleek design without compromising on functionality and comfort. Since you do not need to buy a box spring, you can end up with less bulk and more money. See also: Top mattresses for your Platform Bed.

4 types of platform beds

Once you understand what a platform bed is, you will be in a better position to identify the different types of beds and finishes they come in. Here are the top four types of platform beds.

  1.  Wood Platform Beds

Wood is a very popular material for the construction of any furniture. It is highly versatile, durable and also looks beautiful. Wood platform beds have Acacia wood as well as sustainable bamboo and Sheesham wood designs. Depending on the type of wood you prefer for your room, you can make a choice of the platform bed. Every type of wood will offer unique textures, grains, and personalities. It will give your bed a different feel and will fit your tastes. No matter the type of wooden bed you choose, it will fit into your minimalist lifestyle and will be perfect for your bedroom. There are many types of platform beds on for you to choose from.

  1.   Upholstered Platform Beds

Second in popularity to wooden beds are upholstered platform beds. Although they’re bulkier than a fold up bed, they have gained popularity because of the softness they offer. They are available in numerous fabrics and colors, you can even choose your headboards for adjustable beds. There are a number of upholstered beds you can choose from. It includes blue velvet, white eco leather, and soft gray linen. The beds come with detailing that gives them a unique feel which is perfect for a vintage vibe. Wood has remained prominent for many years but upholstered beds are becoming common in modern decor these days. It is mainly due to the endless options that allow you to personalize the space.

  1.   Lacquer Bed frames

Lacquer has gained a lot of popularity over time. It is a smooth finish which can give a modern look to your bedroom. Lacquer will make a statement in your room because of the ultra-modern styling and glossy finishes which immediately transform a space. You can choose from colors like white, black, ivory or go bold. There are a number of lacquer beds that have an LED backlight kit that can make the room look even more striking. If you are furnishing a modern penthouse, one of these beds can be perfect for you. It will add a bit of contrast to the room. You can catch a few compliments and add a classic platform bed frame to the room.

  1.   Platforms with an attached nightstand

The fourth type of platform bed is the one attached with a nightstand. It has a large footprint and presence which makes it ideal for a large bedroom. You need to have adequate space inside your room for this bed. It comes with a wide and low appearance and is ideal for a room with high ceilings. It will make the room feel cozier and make it less overwhelming. It is available in finishes like cool gray oak, classic walnut and has an optional comfortable backrest or headboard which can give you plenty of choices to match the decor and preferences. This design will not work for those who have a smaller sized bedroom but it is wonderful for someone with more square footage.

These are the four most basic types of platform beds that are available for you to choose from. Every bed has a unique style to it. You get to choose from different types of material, colors, and styles. Make a statement in your bedroom with a classic bed that fits well, looks stylish and is extremely comfortable. Platform beds can completely transform the interiors in your home and can make it look modern and sophisticated. Consider the size of your room before you head out to choose a platform bed.

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