The Most Common Types of Bathroom Remodels: A Helpful Guide

The Most Common Types of Bathroom Remodels: A Helpful Guide

Are you trying to learn more about the different types of bathroom models? Not only do bath remodels add value to your space, but it also gives it the style and accommodations you currently need. Bathroom improvements are the perfect opportunity to make your home naturally feel better for many years to come.

If you’re interested in shower remodels this year, continue checking out our guide on the types of bathrooms to consider. One or perhaps several of these simple bathroom changes can improve the storage, functionality, and overall energy of your bathroom.  However, if you are getting it done by some professionals, make sure you compare the pricing before installing new bathroom decor. You may visit to know how bathroom remodels can range in price. Let’s check out what some of the options are!

Smaller, Textured Tiles

Your options for flooring, wall, and tiles are endless for many types of bathroom remodels.

Choosing a small, textured shower tile is one of the safest options. Both the texture and the extra grouting keeps your feet from slipping whenever the floor is wet and soapy. Many modern bathroom tiles have grouts that are resistant to stains, humidity, and mold.

If you want to go for more porcelain and ceramic tiles, there are many more decor possibilities. Feel free to mix and match different colors and patterns for more boldness. Or you can opt for a more harmonious look with a more simple bathroom ceramic tile.

Increase the Lighting

Bathrooms don’t usually have access to much natural light, so having excellent lighting is essential. As you plan out the types of bathroom remodels you’re considering, consider improving your current lighting. It can improve both the functionality and the overall mood of your space.  Great contractors and remodeling professionals, in general, know that when it comes to bathroom renovations, good lighting is extremely important.

One simple bathroom improvement is adding a dimmer for your main lights. If you enjoy taking baths, you can better set the mood for relaxation. A dimmer is helpful to get the ambiance just right.

Adding recessed fixtures around your mirror will give you some of the best lighting for when you’re doing your hair, makeup, and other tasks that require good lighting. Adding lighting in the shower versus around it is also a good idea. You could find your showers much more pleasant when they’re well lit.

A Hidden-Tank Toilet

A low-flow, hidden-tank toilet has its storage vessel mounted inside the wall which has several benefits. It may be worth considering during a bathroom remodel, especially for smaller bathrooms. This simple bathroom design can save you and your family a decent amount of space.

Toilets with these hidden tanks, also known as hidden cistern toilets, can save you space, and help lower your utility bills. These models conserve water each time you flush which is a particularly smart choice to increase your home’s value. The style is appropriate for many different types of bathrooms, but they look exceptionally well with modern and contemporary-styled bathrooms.

Hidden-tank toilets also use a pressure valve, such as the toilets found in public bathrooms. These options do tend to give bathrooms an industrial feel, however. They are also noisy and not ideal for most modern homes.

Add a Window to the Shower

Not only does having a window in your shower provide more light to a bathroom, it helps prevent humidity that’s often trapped there. Good ventilation from a window or a good bathroom fan is a simple bathroom improvement for your home. The best ventilation, however, is natural ventilation.

It’s easier to keep a bathroom clean and free of mildew with a window in the shower. Natural ventilation helps simply by leaving your window cracked and your bathroom door open once you’re finished using it. Remember to ask your contractor or architect about sloping the sill downwards to avoid water getting stuck and to have frosted glass for privacy.

A Two-Inch Plumbing-Drain Pipe

With a two-inch plumbing drain pipe, you can improve the overall functionality bathroom seamlessly.

The average bathroom drain plumbing is around one and 1.5 inches. Alternatively, a PVC plastic pipe has a 1.25 inch-diameter instead. These types of pipes are easy to clog, particularly if you have several people living at home.

Using a two-inch-diameter drain pipe will cost about the same but will better improve the drainage from your bathroom.

Consider a Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Add more storage to your bathroom with a sleek, recessed medicine cabinet above your vanity. You can install it a couple of inches inside the all and save yourself plenty of space. Your bathroom will automatically look modern and sleek as well.

Extra wall framing is usually inexpensive in the grand scheme of bath remodels. If your vanity is naturally shallow, you can give yourself more room to bend over and use your sink by having a recess in the wall. You’ll have far less concern about hitting your head on the edge of the mirror.

Only Have a Tub if You Take Baths (Often)

You should avoid adding a tub to your bathroom simply because you feel like you “should”. Many bath remodels without bathtub additions offer even greater appeal to prospective buyers in the future. If you love baths, only include them in your bathroom improvements if you’re sure to use it often.

On the other hand, if you have a large bathroom, you could also consider including both without compromising too much space. It’s best to choose whatever is currently most functional for you and your family. That may include leaving a bathtub out of the plan.

Consider These Types of Bathroom Remodels

The best types of bathroom remodeling are the ones that make your space more efficient, functional, and stylish. Before planning your next remodel, ask yourself what you really need to improve your space. Learn more about remodeling your space on our blog today!

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