4 Spots for the Perfect London Family Foodie Trip

London has turned into one of the top culinary destinations in the world and is an absolute paradise for foodies. One of the great things about London is the variety of foods and the creativity of the chefs in the area. However, what makes London such a great destination for foodie family trips is the wide selection of affordable food options. London also hosts a vibrant street food scene where you’ll have the chance to sample some of the local classics as well as creations from all over the world. Here are some places you’ll have to stop by with your family on your next foodie trip to London.

Neds Noodle Bar

Neds Noodle Bar is the place to go if you want a nice affordable meal with your family to start the day. They offer a wide selection of Thai, Japanese, and Chinese-style noodle dishes and soups. You get to choose your noodles, sauce and filling, and each box comes with beansprouts, broccoli, carrots, onions, peppers, and Chinese cabbage. You can choose from a selection of meats like duck, beef, or squid, or vegetarian options like veggies or tofu. They also have tons of healthy options and kid boxes starting at only £2.75.

The Food Markets

4 Spots for the Perfect London Family Foodie Trip

London is full of nice food markets, and you can spend a whole day eating through them with your family. A visit to the Camden Market is a must, and you’ll have the chance to sample everything from Venezuelan wraps to Dutch pancakes or try a few delicacies from the Cheese Bar. 

The next stop is Brixton Village. Brixton is known for its vibrant multicultural communities and Market Row is the perfect place to sample fares from all over the world. Whether you want to try Japanese pancakes, crepes, or the best Caribbean food this side of the Atlantic, you’ll find it all in Market Row. 

Piccadilly Market is another must-stop if you want to try delicious foods without breaking the bank. It’s open every day but Sunday, and you’ll get to pick a souvenir from all the arts and crafts shops in the area.


You can’t go to London without trying the Indian food. If you fancy some butter chicken and tandoori, there’s no better place than Dishoom, especially for the kids. The restaurant is very kid-friendly and pays homage to old Irani restaurants that are part of Mumbai’s fabric. They have multiple locations across London and we recommend that you make reservations as the wait can be rather long. Still, you can get there early to try a complimentary cup of chai tea while you wait.

Papaya Tree

Thai food is also very popular in London and is always a winner with the kids. If you want to get the authentic Thai experience, however, you have to go to Papaya Tree down in Kensington. The restaurant is also very cozy and discreet and provides the perfect backdrop for a nice evening meal to end the day.

All these stops are an absolute must next time you’re in the city. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous and sample everything the city has to offer.

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