Take Your Love Of Gardening To The Next Level

Take Your Love Of Gardening To The Next Level

Passionate about gardening? There may be ways of taking this passion beyond your backyard. This could be a means of challenging yourself, and even a way of making money. Below are just a few ways to take your love of gardening to the next level.

Start a plant nursery

If growing plants is your passion, you could consider the option of starting a plant nursery. This involves growing plants from seeds to sell. Such plants could include anything from succulents to christmas trees. If you’ve only got a small space to work within, consider focusing on smaller plants. Greenhouses can be a great place to run a plant nursery from as you can control the elements. When it comes to selling your plants, consider renting a market stall and or selling to local gardening stores. 

Set up a plant/gardening store

You could even set up your own store for selling plants or gardening equipment. When it comes to plants, you could buy from growers or sell your own homegrown plants. Opening a store can come with high upfront costs and some people find that it’s easier to start small-scale from a market stall. You could alternatively launch an online store (just be wary of the challenges of delivering plants). 

Grow produce on a farm

Take Your Love Of Gardening To The Next Level

You could also consider starting your own farm. Farm startup costs can be quite high, but not all farming ventures are equally expensive. While livestock and traditional crop fields require a lot of money and space, there are options like growing mushrooms, chillies, spring onions, runner beans, tomatoes and cress that don’t take up too much space – and may even be possible to grow from your garden. 

Launch a landscaping company

If your love of gardening comes from designing and maintaining gardens, you could consider the option of starting a landscaping company. You could specialize in designing landscapes for homes and businesses. Alternatively, you could stick to maintaining gardens such as mowing lawns or pressure washing patios. You’ll likely need to invest in some professional equipment such as a commercial lawn mower from Bradley Mowers. You can market your business by networking with people locally and advertising online via the likes of social media. 

Enter a gardening competition

There are many gardening competitions across the country that could be a fun challenge. This includes garden design competitions, giant vegetable competitions (such as the Malvern Autumn Show), hedge trimming competitions and other unique contests. Such competitions may have cash prizes and trophies/certificates to be won. Even taking part could be a fun experience, allowing you to meet fellow enthusiasts and set yourself new gardening goals. 

Start a gardening blog/vlog

Take Your Love Of Gardening To The Next Level

Another way to develop your passion could be by starting a gardening blog or vlog. This could be used as a diary for your gardening ventures. It could also be an opportunity to provide advice and share knowledge with fellow avid gardeners. A blog is written, while a vlog is made up of video content. Decide which platform is right for you.

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