9 Landscaping Features That Will Add a Touch of Charm to Your Yard

9 Landscaping Features That Will Add a Touch of Charm to Your Yard

Do you want to make your front yard look more welcoming and charming for the season? Do you want to improve your yard with some landscaping accents?

Most people saw an improvement in their gardens and yards during the lockdowns. Taking care of plants and revamping the yard became the newest and hottest hobby in mid-2020. Seed demand went up more than ever during the first months of the lockdowns.

If you’re also into this green trend, you may appreciate the list of landscaping features below. Keep reading to learn a few tricks on how you can create the vista of your dreams at vista-scapes.com.

1. Emphasize With Texture and Form

The trick to accent landscaping is to lead the eye to certain elements. For example, you’ve got a beautiful garden of flowers that feels too crowded and disorganized. One way to organize it is to group the plants by size or play with their contrasting textures.

Use form, texture, scale, and proportion to pull the eye. Let’s say you’ve got a large wall that divides your garden from everything else. To balance it out, try adding trees on the other side. For more information about outdoor living construction services in New Orleans and many surrounding cities, check out this company: https://www.couvillionslandscaping.com/outdoor-living.

2. Consider Local Plants and Zone Recognition

You’re smart if you’re hesitant about buying plants that come from a different region. Remember, plants thrive in their native regions because of the conditions there. For example, you can’t bring a small Jacaranda tree to frosty Alaska and expect it to survive the winter.

Rather than bring a plant into a foreign region, why not look for native plants that thrive in the region? They’re already acclimated to the weather and environment, so you only need to be creative with them. Creativity and resourcefulness can make even the most common shrubs look stunning when applied right.

3. Use Functional and Beautiful Landscaping Features

The simplest of landscaping features can have the biggest impact on the viewer. Yet, don’t forget to consider the functionality of the elements in your yard. A smart garden owner can use make plants do double duty.

No matter how simple your design is, try to use the plants to serve more than one purpose. For example, rather than pick a simple flowering tree, why not get one that also grows fruits? The espaliered apple tree can get you lots of privacy from the neighbors, a beautiful backdrop, and delicious apples.

4. Add a Refreshing Water Feature

If you hang out on sites like Pinterest, you may see a lot of cool landscaping ideas with water features. You may want to incorporate some water features into your yard as well. What if your yard is too small or narrow to have a good water fountain?

No matter how small, fountains always bring a breath of freshness to your yard.

The good news is that you’ve got a great landscaping opportunity with these products. The look and sound of running water can make you feel like you’re cooling down, especially during summer. Even in the winter, a fountain can look magical when surrounded by snow.

5. Mix Materials for Extra Charm

Do you like taking walks around your yard in the morning or afternoon? One of the best ways to make it feel and look stunning is to mix and match the materials. You’ve seen people place step-sized stone slabs to make pathways.

Why not do the same thing to improve the landscaping in your yard? If you want to add a tropical feel, try adding beach pebbles on the pathway coupled with cut flagstones. You can also add large decorative stones to your hardscape to give it a Zen garden feel.

6. Keep Everything Balanced

Taking care of a small garden in your yard can relax you and reduce your stress levels. However, if your yard feels too messy and imbalanced, this can be the source of your stress. It’ll look especially bothersome to people who like cleanliness and neatness.

One useful way to clean up your yard is to put everything in balance. Look at all the elements and landscaping features. Is what you see on the right side mirroring the left?

If symmetry is your preference, don’t be afraid to move a few plants around. If you appreciate asymmetry, consider creating a balanced asymmetrical yard. It’ll look eccentric yet captivating at the same time.

7. Place Containers on Planting Beds

Your container gardens don’t always have to stay on your porch, patio, or balcony. They’ll also look good when placed with the flowers in your planting beds. These containers can freshen up your garden and make it look livelier, even sans flowers.

Containers that have fun and colorful designs can enlighten a gloomy-looking planting bed. If your planting bed doesn’t have many flowering plants, then a colorful container can do the trick. In contrast, use dark-colored containers to bring out the bright blooms in the bed.

8. Add Plants in a Variety of Green Shades

If you want a simple landscaping accent, try using color and shades. The lush and vibrant greens of a healthy and well-cared for yard can feel like a breath of fresh air. A yard with shades of contrasting and complementing greens is a great eye-catcher.

Try adding ‘Frisia’ honey locust trees to the landscape, which have a bright chartreuse hue. If your yard already has bright colors, try adding dark, richer greens. Evergreens or Elephant’s Ear plants can get you the darker shades you’re looking for.

9. Get Creative With Geometry

Do you like experimenting with lines, shapes, and angles? Applying basic geometry to your garden and make it like a paradise can make you feel like a winner. Plus, integrating geometry to beautify your yard is pretty simple to do.

Let’s say you’ve got a clean, curved pathway. You can add drama to the yard by adding concrete garden fountains. You can also do the opposite and add an angled, curved, or straight pathway between the trees in the front.

Beautify Your Yard With These Landscaping Accents

That’s the end of our guide on landscaping features and accents that’ll add charm to your yard. Get a little creative, maintain balance, and use water to your advantage.

We hope you picked up something useful from this guide on landscaping features. Now that you’ve read about some useful landscaping accents, you can let loose your inner artist.

If you want to learn more about creating beautiful landscapes for your yard, check out our other guides.

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