Christmas Games to Play With Friends and Family

Christmas Games to Play With Friends and Family

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. But the holiday season can be very stressful — which is why self-care is so important during the winter months. However, with the stress of the pandemic and the uncertainty that comes with it taking such a big toll on our lives, Christmas is something so many of us are looking forward to. 

But Christmas might feel a little different this year. With stay at home orders and social distancing mandates, many people are struggling to decide whether to stay home or visit family for the holidays. If you’re used to having a big family gathering, it can be tough to make the sacrifice of staying at home for the holidays.

Whether you’re having a small Christmas celebration with friends or a Zoom gathering with your extended family, these Christmas games will help make your holiday season merry and bright. 

Christmas Mayhem

Christmas Games to Play With Friends and Family

Christmas Mayhem is the perfect game for friends or family who love to laugh together. To play Christmas Mayhem, have the player select one card from the “character” pile and one card from the “scene” pile. The player gets to select one person to be their “helper elf” when acting out the scene. Once everyone gets a turn, the group votes on who had the best scene!

Download Christmas Mayhem here.

Christmas Heads Up!

Christmas Games to Play With Friends and Family

Heads up is a family game night tradition. To put a festive spin on it, try Christmas heads up! To play Christmas heads up, have the first player hold their card to their forehead without looking at it. Without speaking, the other player will act out whatever is on the card until the first person is able to correctly guess their card.

Download Christmas Heads Up Here.

Switch, Steal, Unwrap

Christmas Games to Play With Friends and Family

Switch, steal, unwrap takes White Elephant to another level. Have everyone bring a small gift (Check out some of my Christmas gift ideas here!) and place the presents in the center of everyone. Each person gets to pick one gift at random, then everyone takes a turn rolling the dice to see whether they get to switch, steal, or unwrap their present. 

Download Switch, Steal, Unwrap here.

If you want to have a safe Christmas at home but still be able to have fun with friends and family, Christmas games are a great way to do so. For more game ideas, check out Apartment Guide’s full list of Christmas games that you can do from home. 

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  1. Your blue and white tree is so pretty. I really like how you have decorated your banister this year. Your red items just add that little extra touch. Thanks for sharing your beautiful Christmas home with us. Hope you can relax with your family and enjoy all your lovely Christmas touches. Bless you, all during this wonderful time of the year. Your home is decorated so beautifully.

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