Tech Troubles: 5 Common Automation Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Tech Troubles: 5 Common Automation Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

For a number of years, automation has been seen as a way to streamline business processes, improve productivity, and boost profits. While it can assist with all of those things and more, automation solutions must be used appropriately for businesses to reap all the associated rewards. 

Whether you’re not experiencing the results you expected or are intrigued by how beneficial automation could be for your business, take care to avoid the following common mistakes: 

Automating the Wrong Processes

When you learn that many different automation solutions exist, it can be tempting to introduce as many as possible into your business. However, not all will be necessary or even helpful. 

Identify something you know you could improve, such as your accounts processes, then invest in accounts payable automation solutions to solve related problems. Identifying an issue first, then researching automation-related solutions, can help you avoid making your processes even worse than they were before. 

Believing Adding More Resources Will Solve a Problem

When you’ve noticed that specific tasks are not getting done in the timeframe you expect for productivity and profit, you might assume that hiring more people will solve the problem. While this might be true for some situations, it won’t be for all. 

People are rarely the sole cause of inefficiencies. Instead, stalled workflows generally relate to your processes, planning, and risk management, just to name a few. 

Instead of spending thousands of dollars hiring more personnel, identify the root cause of the inefficiencies and research automation options that might resolve them. 

Not Trusting Technology

If you’ve had a bad experience with automation or a particular tech company, it’s only natural to shy away from unfamiliar new technology. You may not want to experience the same poor results as you have in the past. 

However, your organization can avoid such a problem and benefit from helpful automation solutions by putting steps in place for a successful transition. Research more than one vendor, read about the pros and cons of different tech solutions, and set guidelines for any providers you work with so that they perform within your expectations. 

You might not immediately trust the technology you’re utilizing, but that trust can be built with time, research, and effort. 

Rolling Out Initiatives Too Quickly

Technology can be exciting, and you might be tempted to grab the opportunity with both hands and introduce every possible process-improving solution available. However, rolling out initiatives too quickly may have the opposite effect compared to what you expected. 

Employees might become overwhelmed, benefits can be lost, and you might struggle to see their true value right away. So, talk to tech experts about one problem and solution at a time to benefit both your business and team. 

Putting Profit Before Improvements

Inefficient business processes can be more detrimental to your company than you might think. Some of your most valued employees might burn themselves out and quit, and you might even risk their safety and customer satisfaction. 

Many businesses get so sidetracked by boosting their profit potential that they forget to focus on the processes at a foundational level. In reality, investing in a more expensive but thoroughgoing automation solution may eat into this year’s profit margin but open the way for a major profit boost in the future. 

As helpful and practical as automation can be in any business, it’s not uncommon for business owners to make mistakes with its use. Take note of the common mistakes above, and you might be in a better position to enjoy a smooth tech rollout in your own company.

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