The Most Common Type of Sports Injuries

The Most Common Type of Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are common to players and everyone who is participating. Sports injuries are caused by a variety of activities that happen in the field. These activities include jogging, running, and exercising. Taking caution during playing and following the sports instruction are some ideas you can implement to prevent sports injuries. However, it is essential to seek treatment from a professional doctor to avoid more significant complications. Consult Dr. Vinay Chopra, who is a professional in handling sports injuries for treatment. Below are the four common types of sports injuries.

The four major types of sports injuries and their treatment

There are many types of sports injuries you can incur. Some of the mild sports injuries are treated at the course of the game through the provision of first aid, while other sports injuries require intensive doctor’s attention.  Examples of these sports injuries include:

  •       Fractures. Fractures are prevalent during sports. Fractures are classified into two categories which are open or closed fractures. Open fractures are fractures where affected bones are seen protruding on the surface of the skin, while closed fractures cannot be seen using naked eyes. Open fractures require immediate doctor’s attention due to bleeding and pain. First aid is essential since it prevents bleeding, which can cause suffocation or even death.  Closed fractures are located using x-ray and CT-scans. For treatment, medication is given to relieve pain, and surgery is then conducted to fix the broken bones.
  •       Back pain and neck pain. Sports require a lot of energy for you to execute the move. Your spinal cord disks may crack or shift their positions during sports. Herniated and degenerated spinal disks compress nerves and soft tissues causing back and neck pain. The significant symptoms of back and neck pain are pain around the affected area, tingling sensation, and difficulties in walking and sleeping. For treatment, medication is given to relieve pain and repair the damaged nerves and tissues. Surgery may be done to put spinal disks back to their position.
  •       Muscle strain (hamstring strain). Muscles at the back of your thighs may experience strain during movement. Hamstring strain occurs when you are moving your leg when running or kicking a ball and falling forward. Symptoms of strained muscles include pain, frequent muscle pull, and difficulties in walking. Treatment methods include massaging the affected muscle using warm water, medication for pain relief, reducing inflammation, and exercises.
  •       Shin splints. During sports, you may experience pain in the front of your legs. This pain is called shin splints. This complication mostly occurs when you learn on a paved road or during training. It is vital to see the doctor when pain persists without end. Treatment techniques include medication to relieve pain, icing, and resting.

Sports injuries are common in plays, and they can occur during training or the main session. It is vital to practice safe sports to prevent the occurrence of sports injuries. Once you incur any sports injuries, it is essential to visit a health care department for treatment.

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