Every professional doctor will advise you to have an active lifestyle if you want to take care of your body. Unfortunately, even an active athlete is susceptible to injuries. Sports medicine is critical in ensuring that you remain healthy during your physical exercises and sports choices. Whether doing regular gym exercises or doing personal physical exercises, an expert in the field can optimize your movements. Princeton Sports and Family Medicine, P.C. boasts some of the best experts in sports medicine in Lawrenceville. The facility’s team of professionals diagnoses and treats their various patients’ sports-related problems regardless of age. Do not let an injury worsen and immobilize you if you fail to contact a specialist for help.  

Why should you contact a sports medicine expert?

You should not only book an appointment or take your child to take to see a specialist when he has a sports-related injury.  A sports medicine doctor will not only focus on your injuries; he will also advise on nutrition, injury prevention, exercises, and supplements. The care provider will be there for you and your child when you want to:

  •         Improve your physical fitness
  •         Enhance your performance in your favorite sport
  •         Maintain an active and healthy lifestyle

The various injuries that will prompt you and your child to see a sports medicine specialist include:

  •         Knee and shoulder injuries
  •         Ankle sprain
  •         Fracture
  •         Concussion
  •         Cartilage injury
  •         Tendonitis
  •         Elbow injuries
  •         Dislocated joints
  •         Exercise-induced asthma

When should you take your child to see a sports medicine specialist?

Sports injuries are common, especially if your child is actively involved in sports. Unfortunately, if the kid experiences a significant injury during his exercises or sports, you must seek immediate medical attention.

You will know the injury is severe when the young one: 

  •         Cannot put weight on the injury
  •         Experiences numbing, swelling, redness, or a tingling sensation
  •         Have an injury that worsens after several treatments, interfering with his everyday life.

What happens during your appointment with a sports medicine specialist?

During your appointment, your care provider will assess you or your kid’s level of pain, function, and motion range. The professional may also request various diagnostic tests to evaluate your injuries. His expertise lies in minimally invasive treatment options and preventive care to help you continue engaging in your favorite physical exercises. The various options a sports medicine expert will offer include:

  •         Treating musculoskeletal discomforts and pain
  •         Diagnosing and treating sports injuries
  •         Recommending therapeutic modalities to his patients
  •         Evaluating and reviewing your  injuries’ conditions
  •         Creating a customized treatment and rehabilitation plan for your  injury
  •         Educating you on the various preventive measures    

What are treatments for sports injuries like?

Most sports-related injuries do not need your specialist to perform a surgical procedure. The treatments the care provider might include are:

  •         Putting a pack of ice on your injured area
  •         Taking pain-relieving medication
  •         Immobilizing the injured limb with a sling or cast
  •         Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication
  •         Diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound
  •         Alternative therapies like acupuncture
  •         Physical exercises
  •         The specialist may recommend surgery to realign bones or fix torn tissues

Most sports injuries are not severe and will have their symptoms fade with prescription pain relievers from a professional of physical exercises. However, you should not hesitate to contact a specialist when several treatments fail and the injury starts to worsen, affecting your life quality. To learn more about sports injuries and their treatment options, book an appointment or contact the specialists.