The Taste of a Different Vacation: How To Do a Wine Tour Right

The Taste of a Different Vacation: How To Do a Wine Tour Right

There comes a time in your life when vacations are more than just lounging by the pool. Vacations can come with a lot of hassle, from making sure that you’re all packed to ensuring that all the admin is sorted. There comes a certain point in your life when it’s important to think about the quality of your vacation. Wine tours are things that many people don’t really consider. However, you can organize an amazing wine tour that takes in the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of wine country, whenever you are. How can you do this? 

Choose Where You Want To Visit

There’s a great selection of wine regions in the world. Of course, you could venture all the way to Italy, but if you are based in America you may want to forgo the excessive travel and just venture to California. California is de facto wine country and with the blistering sunshine and so many small towns such as Healdsburg, you’ve got a wide variety of options. And with places like Duke’s Spirited Cocktails Healdsburg is one of those small best kept secrets when it comes to wine country and ensuring you are staying in a fantastic location. 

What Time of Year Should You Go?

In California, you should think about venturing off-peak. Summer and fall are always busy months, but this is because the weather is fantastic. You could opt for September so you can see the harvest. If you decide to go during the winter to take advantage of cheap deals, a lot of wineries are closed or reduce their opening hours. 

The Best Time To Visit Wineries

If you are looking to sample a variety of tasting rooms, you need to ensure that you plan your days accordingly so you can peak by lunchtime. If you really want to start discussing the intricacies of any wine, you’ve got to head to a winery early in the day. You might not be used to consuming so much wine early on in the day, but this is why you’ve got to pace yourself

Limit Your Wineries

If you go to more than four wineries every day, you are going to be more than tipsy! It’s about savoring the experience and making sure that you visit a maximum of four wineries per day. The best way to do this is to make an appointment at 1 or 2 so you can truly savor the quality while you are there. 

Enjoy the Tasting Experience

It’s not just about the wine, it’s about the things that you eat there. A lot of fantastic wineries provide opportunities for fine dining and gourmet picnics. Think about those culinary experiences that can add something extra to your vacation. 

Drinking in Moderation

There is a spit bucket in the corner, and it’s best that you use it! A small rule of thumb is to ensure that you have a glass of water for every 5 oz of wine, and make sure you don’t drive! 

Touring wine country is an amazing experience and a fantastic way to slow down your vacation leanings. Make the most of it!

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