Things to Know about Verification and Casino Med BankID

Things to Know about Verification and Casino Med BankID

If you are a new player and want to gamble on roulettes or pokers online, you may panic when the platform asks for your identity. However, there’s no reason to be disconcerted when you are asked to verify your identity. Lots of platforms do this to protect their players and themselves in case something terrible happens.

There are lots of operators and players all over the globe today, thanks to the internet. Most casinos want to serve their customers while preserving their hard-earned reputation. In a players’ part, they want to have fun and win while playing on a fair platform, and some want security at the same time.

If you win in blackjack, and this is the first time that you will be withdrawing your winnings, you may be required to provide an ID. There are passports, driver’s licenses, and other national identity cards that you provide. You may even be asked to take a photograph of your bank card or electricity bills for address.

If you are asking why do casinos ask for your identity and what do they do with these documents, then this article is for you.

Common Documents Required

National ID / Driver’s License / Passport – You may be required to provide proof of identity by sending a picture of your ID to the site. In Sweden, most players may not be necessary with these if he can deliver his BankID. More information about this on sites such as Casino med bankID.

Selfie Picture – You may be required to take a selfie while holding your ID. The picture should capture your whole face, and you should not wear hats or glasses.

Utility Bills – The bills are usually used so that the casinos will have proof that you are living in a specific place of residence. 

Bank Cards – Most online platforms may require a picture of the bank cards to avoid fraud. You may be required to take a photo of the front and back of the card to make things clear — however, a word of caution with this step. You should blur the CVV number at the back and never give this information to anyone. You should also delete the middle digits on the card when you are sending the picture to avoid fraud.

Why Do the Hassle of Sending Docs?

Things to Know about Verification and Casino Med BankID

You are sending documents for the following reasons:


Anyone who is playing games with high stakes should have the peace of mind that their personally identifiable information is secure. Once there are anomalies, most casinos will conduct standard procedures at a specific time. Some use the player’s documents to make sure that they are dealing with the right person.

Additionally, the operators want to be able to track all the players who were able to win jackpots. This is to make sure that they will give the winnings to that specific person and no one else after the game. Some fraudsters pretend to be someone else to get the winnings of other players. Dealing with them is just some of the things that many online casinos are trying to avoid.

Verify your Age

In many states, there are laws in place that state that only people who are above 18 are allowed to gamble. However, the internet today can be anywhere, and many children can access it. Some teens can use their parents’ hard-earned money to gamble. This is not to say that all teens and children do this. There is only some minority who may have accidentally discovered that playing online is fun and that will go to any lengths to gamble.

Most only want players aged 18 and above to avoid problems with the authorities later on. Some sites have pop-ups that show only those of legal age are allowed to enter. They might require ticking off boxes to gain website access. But to make sure that only those who are of legal age are playing, verification can be requested from time to time.

Security of Monetary Transactions

It can be a disaster if someone will know your card number, especially the CVV code. Read more about CVV numbers here: . There might be people unrelated to you who would use your bank card as a way to gamble. This can be disastrous, and you might end up racking a massive debt if you are not careful. This is why most of the online casinos require that the personal details must match the payment modes that a player has chosen.

To play more securely, another thing that you can check is the SSL encryption that is located in the address bar. The site should be secure and well-encrypted to ward off online hackers that are forever trying to access a specific location. If you have won something and your data does not match the one that you have provided online, your money may be on hold, and you may be required to provide further verification. 

Requirements and Licenses

Some laws dictate that online casinos should have IDs of their players for verification. If an operator is caught with negligence or non-compliance with the law, they might cease their business operations and look elsewhere for customers.

Most states don’t legalize online gambling, so better check out first with your local county before signing into one. On the other hand, anyone who has a computer and an internet connection can join any platform that they want and gamble. But when it comes to problems, they might have no one to turn to in case they get scammed. Be wary of sites that won’t require any identification from you. 

 A Final Word

Things to Know about Verification and Casino Med BankID

One should use their gut feeling when signing up. If you are one of the people who are excited to join millions of players in games of chances, do in-depth research first before joining an online gambling platform. Your safety should be your utmost priority. You can read reviews and community threads to make sure that you are giving your passport and bank card information to trusted providers. Otherwise, if you think that you are dealing with fraudsters, you should run in the opposite direction as fast as you can.

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