Your Full Guide to Bikini Laser Hair Removal

Your Full Guide to Bikini Laser Hair Removal

Every woman in the world desire to wear a bikini with full confidence. The need and feel to wear a bikini in summer is incredibly challenging if your bikini line is not neat. 

As stubborn and coarse are these bikini hairs, their removal is similarly tricky and tiring. Well, there is nothing wrong with bikini hair. But, if you are one of those women who desire an ultimate beauty goal, having your intimate areas clean and neat is a priority. 

The hair on your intimate areas needs to be handled carefully as the skin is susceptible. If you rashly shave the bikini hairs, it would only give your skin irritation, rash, and a higher risk of ingrown hairs. 

Since the risk of using a razor on your intimate areas is high, many suggest other practical and less risky alternatives to removing bikini hairs. For instance, there are waxing methods But, getting professional help with waxing your bikini line is more fruitful than doing it yourself at home. Yet, waxing is painful and less effective. 

If you want a more permanent and effective resolution to Bikini hair removal (比堅尼脫毛), you should have a try bikini laser hair removal. Advanced laser technology in hair removal is far more valuable, effortless, and worth money. 

Bikini laser hair removal – How does it work?

Like any laser hair removal treatment on different body areas, bikini laser hair removal works the same way. As a laser hair removal treatment, it uses the effects of intense heat and light to target the deep-rooted hair follicles on your bikini line. Since the bikini area has sensitive skin, the laser’s wavelength is different from what is necessary for other body parts.

If you have medium and pale skin tone, an alexandrite laser will be used on your bikini line. This laser gives off high-intensity light pulses directly targeting the hair follicles to burn them off. This type of laser is not fit for dark skin types. 

Different laser light known as ND: Yag is used for dark skin tones. Rather than targeting the hair follicles under the skin, this laser hair removal treatment targets the blood supply of the hair roots to destroy them. Since this laser does not affect the melanin in the body, your skin is safe. 

So, depending on your skin tone, the type of laser hair removal also differs. But overall, the effect is the same. However, if you have a different skin-toned bikini area, a mix of laser wavelengths will be used during hair removal. 

What to do before getting a bikini laser hair removal treatment? 

The first thing you need to do before getting a bikini laser hair removal is to get proper consultation with an expert technician. During the consultation, you have to ask any questions or confusion about the bikini laser hair removal treatment. Ask about the process, its effects, aftercare suggestions, etc. 

Six weeks before getting a bikini laser hair removal treatment, you must leave your bikini hairs alone. Do not pluck, trim, or wax them. To improve the effectiveness of the laser treatment, the hair follicles have to be intact and fully grown. You also have to avoid tanning for a while to maintain the natural balance of your skin and melanin level.

As the day of laser hair removal treatment nears, you must avoid taking medications like pain relievers or blood thinners. If necessary, you might have to shave the bikini hairs right before the first laser hair removal treatment to save extra time and effort for the technician. 

What to do after getting a bikini laser hair removal treatment? 

Different skin types react differently to laser treatment. While some may notice minor side effects, they may temporarily face a few significant side effects. The common signs that you will see after your first bikini laser hair removal treatment are itching, reddening, and swelling in the bikini area. You can apply soothing creams or gels to calm the skin. 

You cannot expect to see immediate results after the first laser treatment. The total number of laser treatment sessions will vary depending on your skin. But at most, six weeks is the ideal number. 

For aftercare measures of the bikini area, you should avoid getting out in the sun for a while. Any level of exposure to the sun might increase side effects. You should avoid hot tubs, swimming pools, steam rooms, excessive exercise routines, extreme cold, hot water, etc. Exfoliate the skin frequently and wear loose clothes. 

Is bikini laser hair removal painful? 

No, bikini laser hair removal is not painful. And that is one of the biggest reasons women love laser hair removal more than waxing, even if it costs a lot. Other than some minor discomfort, you won’t feel a thing during the laser hair removal. Moreover, cooling gels are applied to the target area before the treatment to ease the pain. 

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