Lazy Dinner Party Planning Recipes That Will Still Impress Your Guests

Lazy Dinner Party Planning Recipes That Will Still Impress Your Guests

I love hosting dinner parties. However, I must admit that there has been more than one occasion where I’ve arranged one and then wish I hadn’t due to busy schedules. OK, and sometimes, I’m just not in the mood for cooking despite the fact that deep down I love it.

Whatever the reason for wanting to take the lazy route for your dinner party, you still want your guests to have a great time. The following ideas will he;p you prepare a wonderful meal while also having the opportunity to spend more time with your visitors. Bon appetite. 

Step One: Impress With Appetizers 

If you want to make your guests fill that you have pushed out the boat, appetizers are a great starting point. They can be used as a substitute for a starters or buy you a little more time while putting the final touches on the meal to come. Either way, I know that I’m always in a better mood when greeted by food. I’m sure your guest will be too.

When you want a quick solution, may I suggest easy whipped ricotta crostini? Aside from being simple to make, you can also use leftovers from the night before or ingredients that you probably already have. Better still, they are very easily customized. So, adapting the appetizer to the tastes of your guests should not be hard.

Step Two: Get The Wow Factor With Drinks

When planning a dinner party, great food isn’t the only key consideration. You should also pay attention to the drinks menu. Hosting a cocktail party could be a great option. I’ve been to more than one part where a friend’s delightful drinks have saved a bland food menu. And, yes, I hope none of those friends are reading this post.

The Zombie cocktail is a particular favorite of mine. Three rums (white, dark, and overproof) provide a delicious kick. Meanwhile, the citrus fruits create a stunning appearance and fresh flavor. Of course, you can look to mocktail choices if you have kids or non-drinkers attending the dinner party.

Step Three: Get Diners To Cook Their Own Meals

The concept of “cook it yourself” restaurants has enjoyed a major boost in popularity. If you can’t be bothered to cook a meat four different ways, using this approach can be great for your dinner party. It’s fun, allows you to spend more time interacting with guests, and lets them have it their way. They choose their cut of meat and cook it until it’s right for them.

If this particular idea doesn’t quite suit your dinner party, you can find a happy medium with fajitas. Or other meals where you will cook the meat and prepare the salad. Your guests will then build the meal that they want. Again, it’s a great party option due to communal vibes. If you have a specialized pizza oven, baking pizzas is another popular choice.

Step Four: Choose Desserts That Lead Into Entertainment

Desserts and sweet snacks are the last thing your guests will eat. From personal experience, I can tell you that it can have a huge influence on a person’s memory of your dinner party. Opting for these easy late night snacks can be a great option if you plan to end the night by watching a movie. They are all simple ideas that require little culinary skill.

Most guests will want a taste of the sweet treats, but might not want to eat too much after the big meal. This is why additional ideas like fruit with a chocolate fountain can work wonders. They can enjoy a light bite, and keep coming back for more if they want without the pressure of emptying their plate. And voila, you’re done.

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