Time-Management Tips for Juggling Work and Studies

Time-Management Tips for Juggling Work and Studies

Studying for further qualifications while you’re working can be a challenge. It’s difficult to manage your work schedule alone, but adding even part-time studies to that can take its toll on your sanity. Even the most organized of people would find it hard, so if you’re tackling this problem at the moment, you’re doing amazingly! For those of you who also have a family household to run, you’re basically a superhero! If you’re struggling to stay calm and worrying about your deadlines, here are some simple tips to keep you in perspective.

Plan a realistic schedule

Find your own style. If you’re more comfortable organizing things on your phone or other devices, you can find several apps to help you. Use a calendar and write down all the important dates for your course. If these are for assignments that might take some time, add warning dates or countdown reminders to your calendar. Add your personal errands to your plan as well. Many people like using to-do lists for the sweet satisfaction you get from ticking things off. Put your phone away and instead keep track of yourself by making sure you wear a working watch if you need any repairs, contact Watch Technicians.

Find your ideal studying environment

Figure out if you prefer studying at home, or out somewhere whether it be the library or a quiet cafe. Create a space for yourself at home where you can spend your study periods. What time of day is best to study? Depending on your work schedule you might not always have the luxury of choosing, but it’s useful to know when you are most productive. Schedule in some study time, particularly when you know you’re less likely to be distracted.

Don’t take on too much

If you’re feeling an unbearable pressure don’t be afraid to say no to people. Make sure your boss and coworkers are fully aware of your studies. This shouldn’t be a problem as highly qualified professionals will be an asset to the company and it’s in their benefit to support employees’ studies. If there’s something going on in your personal life that it’s getting in the way of your work or studies don’t be afraid to confide in your boss or tutor respectively. Keep yourself motivated by focussing on what you’ve achieved so far and by remembering that this is a temporary situation. Think of your future as there are many advantages to further education


If you feel overwhelmed at any point don’t forget that there is plenty of professional help available. Speak to your course tutor whenever you have any doubts or queries. Make sure you have good communication going with your employer. Explain the level of your workload and be realistic about the hours you can do.  

Always keep your end goal in sight and remember the reasons why you chose your course. Make sure you fit in enough exercise and time with friends and family. It’s important to stay balanced and motivated!

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