5 Things To Do Inside During A Pandemic

5 Things To Do Inside During A Pandemic

Sporting events are canceled, schools are closed and our favorite concerts are postponed until further notice. The entire United States has shot down per experts recommend despite any signs of illness that might be occurring during this global pandemic. You’re advised to stay home, self isolate from a loved one, neighbors and family, and just try to remain calm. 

Can all of us stay calm and protect ourselves from others during this time? What is there even to do while we’re stuck inside our apartment, condo, studio, or home? There are several things actually to make the time go a little faster and some can be done in minutes while others take a little bit longer to complete. 

1.  Start A New Hobby– Has there been something you’ve always wanted to start but thought you never had the time to do so? You might still be working from home, but allow the weekends to begin that new hobby. The hobby could be trying to retrain yourself to play an instrument, working on a puzzle with your family, starting a rough draft of your first screenplay, or training for an 8k with your spouse. 

2. Watch A Marathon of Movies – There have been several people who have shared they have never seen the Stars Wars movies, Harry Potter or Lord of THe Rings. These movies can finally be watched either in chronological order or randomly picking. Change the scenery of where you watch your movies too to make it fun for your family. You could start by having a movie night in the family room, someone’s bedroom, underneath a fort, and then move it to watch outside under the stars! 


Image: Brazilian Wood Depot

3. Backyard Makeover – If you haven’t touched your backyard in months due to weather or just neglect, now is the time to get it ready for the warmer months! Recently a neighbor upgraded his deck floorboards which made a world of a difference! Georgia friends! You need to check out Brazilian Wood Depot for any type of wood that you’re thinking of using for your deck or patio area. Unsure of which wood would be best for your deck? You want something sturdy and able to withstand all types of weather. One of the hardest woods they offer is called Massaranduba Decking. This is one of their popular ones because of it’s unique wood grain, color, longevity, and lifespan. All of their lumber is 100% natural with no added chemicals or treatments which are harmful to the atmosphere and environment. You can be satisfied working with them that not only do they get the job right the first time, but are there to help answer any questions, concerns or advice you need on making your porch look like the oasis you’ve been dreaming about all winter.

4. Try A New Dish – If cooking isn’t your strong suit, try making a fun charcuterie board for your family members. This can be simple as a few meats, cheeses, fruit and vegetables. Get creative! Why not try a breakfast one with pancakes, fruit, bacon, and various toppings. A dessert one would be fun for eating after dinner with various cookies, brownies, cakes, and toppings too. Thinking that you really want to make a dish for everyone or just yourself? Start simple. Look for recipes with fewer than 5 ingredients to build up your confidence. Once you’ve mastered a few for the week, move on to something a little more challenging. Is there a recipe you love to make? Think of a new spin on how you can use those ingredients to make something else! 

5. Organize – One of the biggest things we can do right now is to get rid of all the clutter and items we don’t use or want anymore. This can be as simple as giving everyone in your family a box to use to donate or throw away items they do not want. Once everyone has given you a box, store it in a safe place to donate to a local shelter or charity once the doors open up again. From there, look in each room and see if there are other items around your home you can move to that space. Repurpose a few things to use instead of spending money you don’t have at the moment. 

There are several other things you can do while you’re inside your home but these are a few to help get you started. If you live with several individuals, ask what everyone wants to do, and create a list of things you can accomplish together. Regardless, know that nothing is permanent and we will get through this together. 

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