Tips for Staying Stylish While Travelling

Tips for Staying Stylish While Travelling

Traveling is a lot of fun, although it can sometimes cause quite a bit of stress. The biggest stress creator is definitely packing. How do you ensure you take enough comfortable and stylish items when you don’t have a lot of checked baggage space? Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind to help you stay stylish and comfortable on your travels.

Start by checking out the travel weather

Before you even begin browsing through your wardrobe, look at the weather forecast. What does it say? You don’t want to waste time packing a bunch of tops if you are only going to witness rain and wind. You want to be optimistic but a realist – if it doesn’t predict +30 temperature but more like +10, then you should reflect this in your packing.

Now, it’s also important to consider a bit what the weather will be when you leave and return. You might be off to Mallorca but the weather at home might be snowy as you return. Therefore, you want to wear items that keep you comfortable.

It’s not just the weather either – in certain places, you also need to consider the local culture when packing. For example, if you are traveling to Islamic countries, you need to ensure you have enough items to dress up conservatively in public places.

Focus on the basics that mix and match

You shouldn’t pick items individually but keep in mind the bigger picture. In an ideal situation, you want each item to match with at least 80% of the other items on your luggage. This means forgetting any big statement pieces and hard to match fabrics or patterns.

Go for your favorite jeans and add a few casual t-shirts and a few more dressy shirts and blouses. If you know for sure you want to wine and dine in a more fancy location, pick a pair of khakis (if you’re a guy) and a simple black dress (if you’re a girl). These are formal enough but won’t look out of place when paired with a more casual setting. Pick colors that are casual, matching, and suitable for both casual and formal situations.

The key is to make sure you can layer your items, and mix and match them as much as you want. This ensures you don’t run out of things to wear and that you find something suitable for all occasions.

You can find great everyday items online. Girls should consider shopping online with H&M and ASOS, while guys can take advantage of Jacamo discount codes. Your travel clothing should be basic and comfortable – no need to blow a lot of money updating your wardrobe for a holiday.

Add more personality with accessories

Now, the above advice doesn’t mean your travel clothing should be boring. You can add personality to your style but just do it with accessories instead of clothes.

For example, a few jewelry items can instantly transform casual jeans and a t-shirt outfit into something a bit chicer. You could also play with scarfs – a big scarf is the perfect travel companion. You can snuggle underneath it when you feel cold and it’s not too difficult to tug inside a bag when you don’t need it.

With accessories, you don’t want to go overboard. So, don’t pack everything you got and do leave the more expensive items back home. Remember you can often make great findings at your destination!

Pay attention to the shoes

In terms of style and comfort, your shoes will play a big role. You should definitely consider using your shoes as a playful accessory. Pick something brightly colored or a pair of shoes with a cool design.

However, do remember that you will be walking a lot on your travels. Therefore, the shoes must be first and foremost comfortable. You also want to ensure you wear the heaviest pair during travel – this leaves more room in your bag. Focus on having just two, maximum three, pairs of shoes.

You need a good pair of walking shoes – trainers that aren’t too fancy but also go well with jeans and a blazer, for example. You can then add a pair of more formal shoes for your evening dinner. If you know you need another pair for a specific occasion, such as hiking boots, include these on your list as well. Just think twice about buying flip-flops for the beach – you can find these cheaper at your destination in most cases.

With the above tips and ideas, you can travel in style without forgetting about comfort and you’ll leave enough room for cosmetics and other items. Remember that traveling is more about the experience and not a fashion show – as long as you are having fun, you’ll look good as well!


  1. These are all great tips to staying stylish while traveling. It is so important to make sure you know about the weather in the area you are traveling to and making sure you have the right shoes in case you will be walking a lot too. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  2. The basics are key for me. I have to be comfy over everything else and basics make that happen.

  3. These are all really great points. I love the idea of starting with your basics and then mix and match!

  4. These are some great tips! We tend to travel a lot and finding the right clothes to fit in the suitcase is challenging. Thanks!

  5. I go for comfort when I’m traveling, but I try to remember to throw in a few stylish pieces in case I end up going out. Thanks for the tips.

  6. I wish I were better with my shoe choices. I really need to do things different with my shoes. I do think paying attention to them does help when going out on trips and being stylish.

  7. The shoes are very important. If your feet is hurting you won’t have fun!

  8. I am so bad at packing that I just always take one or to things! I wish I could travel stylished ahah so this is perfect for me!

  9. I agree about the shoes. If you travel, a lot of walking is expected. If possible, I always bring extra flipflops with me so my feet can rest from wearing shoes.

  10. I always end up wearing nikes and tshirts because it is so much more comfortable. Guess I need to use your tips because my pictures are never cute haha

  11. These are great tips! It can be hard to stay fashionable when you’re living out of a suitcase, it really is important to plan.

  12. I will be travelling very soon may be next month and I am sure that this tips will definitely help me. Mix and match is really the best one. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I do believe Boho is here to stay. It’s one of those awesome stylish and comfy trends that hangs around.

  14. I always pack for comfort as well as style. I never go anywhere without my sneakers too lol.

  15. I love all things Boho, lol. Have a fun and safe trip.

  16. Barcelona is absolutely stunning. Have a great time.

  17. I will be traveling to Barcelona soon with only hand luggage and looks for tips on what to pack and staying stylish abroad. Loving your tups

  18. Love us some boho clothing – and love the tips about how to stay stylish while travelling! Really timely as we’re getting ready to head out on a big, long trip cross country in a few months!

  19. Great tips! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on vacation and ended up with a bunch of stuff I didn’t need and without a lot of what I did need.

  20. What great tips! I’m big on picky comfortable shoes. I don’t care if they look good, I’m all about being comfy when I walk around. I generally bring sneakers. I always bring jeans and t-shirts too!

  21. BOHO is definitely trending. I think it’s very stylish and feminine, and I love the comfort value the most!

  22. Mix and match are my best friends, lol.

  23. These are some awesome tips I have to admit I often give up trying to be stylish when I’m living out of a suitcase as I’m not a good packer, I do like choosing things I can mix and match though. It’s great to have extra options.

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