Canada Travel Guide: What to Know Before You Visit Canada


Are you planning to visit Canada?

Traveling the world is a wonderful experience and can teach you many things. Aside from sightseeing, it deepens your understanding of the culture of other countries. It’s also therapeutic, giving you relief from the many worries in life.

If you want to go to a place that will help you relieve stress, visiting Canada is the right decision. The country has friendly people and a diverse landscape that will help you commune with nature. To make the most of your trip, though, you’ll need a good Canada travel guide.

Read what’s below to learn what you should know when visiting Canada. These Canada travel tips will prepare you to ensure smooth and safe travel.

Always Have Your Passport With You

Don’t forget when traveling always bring your passport as this serves as your papers for going in and out of the country. Before, people could cross the border using only their driver’s license as proof of identification.

However, you must have clearance to travel abroad, even to Canada, which you can get with your passport. There is some leniency for younger passengers, though. Ages 15 and below only need only to present a copy of a birth certificate or a certified copy to border patrol.

Dogs Can Come, But Not Fresh Fruits

Lots of people love traveling with their dogs. If you’re one of these people, then you’re in luck. You can bring your dog into the country without any issue as long as you have its papers with you as you cross the border.

However, fresh fruits aren’t allowed inside the country. You must only have less than 1kg of fruit with you if you want to enter the country.

Your Driver’s License Is Valid Here

Your US driver’s license is transferrable to driving in Canada. However, the laws and regulations for road traveling are also different in the country.

Speed limits in Canada are not the same as the US, it’s understood not in miles, but kilometers. Laws that talk about distracted driving are in effect in every province and territory of the country. When driving in Canada make sure that you stay mindful of your driving to enjoy your travel.

Legal Drinking Age Is 18 or 19

In the U.S. you have to wait until you’re at the age of 21 before you are legally allowed to drink. In the north, however, the legal age is 19 or 18 in some states.

This also applies to the purchase of alcohol in any store in the country. You need to bring some identification before the vendor can sell you alcohol, though.

The Taxes Might Surprise You

When staying in a hotel or visiting Steve’s Poke Bar, the bill might surprise you. This is because Canada adds federal tax on all goods and services. Also, other provinces have their tax so depending on where your visiting, the tax can reach up to 15%.

Know Your Canada Travel Guide Today

This Canada travel guide can prepare you for the country up north. With this, you won’t suffer any culture shock and will ensure a smooth trip to Canada. Book a trip and visit Canada now!

Do you want to learn more about Canada? Check out more of our guides to learn all you can today!

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