Top Couponing Trends to Expect In 2019

Top Couponing Trends to Expect In 2019

We are just a few months away from 2019, and lots of businesses are already strategizing to flourish in the coming year.  Have you noticed several developments are taking place in the vast and dynamic couponing world?  You surely would want to be able to foretell the future of couponing.  In the 21st century, coupons are productive ways to attract and retain customers, and any small shift in the couponing trends surely means a lot to your business.  If you are asking what will happen in couponing in 2019, read on for the top 5 couponing trends to expect then.

 1. Use of Digital Coupons Increase

The number of companies using digital coupons in most parts of the world has been increasing consistently for the past four or more years. From 2014 to date, the percentage of US companies alone using these coupons for marketing has been increasing by approximately four percent. In 2016, close to 60 percent of US Internet users redeemed digital coupons at least once. As such, it safe to estimate that in 2019, at least 31 billion digital coupons will be redeemed across the entire world, and businesses that use coupons for marketing will ultimately be able to increase the flow of their customers.

2. Shift to Mobile Coupons   

Consistent advancement in consumer technology is causing a shift to mobile coupons as well.  Retailers are now integrating coupons into loyalty programs in a big way and also delivering coupons directly to their customers rather than relying on aggregator websites. Due to this, consumer engagement is set to continue, which will result in a continued increase in user numbers.  Reports have shown that there will be 1.05 billion coupon users next year. This analysis agrees with the finding. What next? Optimize your site for mobile users.

3. Demand for Seamless Experiences Increase

It should not be surprising that while the use of mobile coupons will increase significantly, the consumer will be increasingly less bound to a mobile device and a desktop. The continuous advancements in consumer technology will make this possible as well in 2019. The use of multiple devices will be the order of the day as most brands will optimize couponing for all devices. Users will have the leeway to use as many devices per day as they want to meet their couponing needs seamlessly.

4. Authenticity will Restore Relationships

Have you ever heard stores claiming automation is the backbone of their business?  This will change in 2019.  Tech and automation can only get a business so far. However, with the current cut-throat competition characterized by competitors going the extra mile to add personal touches to their marketing, automation alone will not be helpful. More stores will be giving their customers coupon codes to thank and appreciate them for their loyalty. As such, you will be able to use coupons in many unique ways to add personal touches that set you apart from your competitors.

5 Creativity Would Be More Vital in Marketing

Most customers no longer value traditional ads.  Internet users are currently installing adblockers to ensure the traditional blockers don’t reach them. As such, it would require marketers to design eye-striking coupons using the right colors and texts.  The texts would also have to be more relevant, informational, and valuable, so customers no longer want to trust anything that comes their way.  The reliability of a brand will count more than anything else as we go forward. In 2019, therefore, savvy marketers are going to allocate more funds for coupon designing, influencer marketing as well as referral partnership.


Now more than ever before, being aware of your couponing customers’ communication preferences and enabling them to communicate with you is of utmost significance. Effective communication apparently is indispensable if you want to create a strong brand. Use these forecasts to make the necessary adjustments now, and see your business benefit from couponing than ever before.

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