Ways To Celebrate Big Accomplishments

Ways To Celebrate Big Accomplishments

You know the feeling when you get a new job, reach a milestone anniversary, or receive a huge promotion. Reaching big accomplishments in life is always worth celebrating, yet so many of us do not really take the time to celebrate ourselves and instead, just pretend like it is an everyday occurrence which is not the case at all.

Ways To Celebrate Big Accomplishments

Impraise knows that these celebrations do not happen as much as they should. They say, “When last did you raise a glass to the success of your company’s achievements? Celebrating milestones injects life into the organization, making it worthwhile for employees to contribute to the long-term success of the company. Defining success can be as simple as praise for an individual’s performance over a week or the overall success of the company over the past 12 months. Success should be whenever a colleague achieves a goal.  Personal efforts count when the achievement contributes to the team’s common goals. Basically, everything that gets done and contributes to the mission of the team is a team success.

If you have a team member who has achieved something important in his/her role, a celebration can be as simple as treating them to lunch and discussing their success in detail. Understand what they loved about the success, how it made them feel, and if there was space for possible improvement. It’s likely that this person is passionate about their recent achievement, and will be incredibly open to talking about it. Celebration leads to establishing a ritual that helps to simply make it through a tough week. The camaraderie within an organization leads to higher employee morale and ensure that the most valued colleagues stick around for good.” Although all of this above talks about celebrating work-related successes, I believe that personal successes are just as important, as well and we should be celebrating work and personal accomplishments all the time. If you agree with me, keep reading because I am giving you my favorite ways to celebrate big accomplishments:

A Trip of A Lifetime

Ways To Celebrate Big Accomplishments

We all have that one trip that we have always had our eye on. Maybe it is Thailand, Greece, Austin, TX, or Hawaii. Whatever it is – plan it to celebrate a big accomplishment because you really deserve it. One study done by Very Well Mind shows that “vacations that include plenty of free time bring stress relief, but research shows that a good vacation can lead to the experience of fewer stressful days at least five weeks later! That means that vacations are the gift to yourself that keeps on giving. The bottom line is that taking a good amount of time away from the stresses of daily life can give us the break we need so that we can return to our lives refreshed and better equipped to handle whatever comes.” In addition to stress relief, traveling can bring along many other benefits, as well.

A Surprise Party

While a surprise party is very basic, I think it is well deserved. How many times in life do all of your closest friends and family get together to celebrate with someone? Not many. Some say that it only happens with marriage and death, but I am determined to change that. I believe that a surprise party with family and friends is a fantastic way to celebrate big accomplishments! If you are planning a surprise party for someone else, make sure you know exactly what they would want.

Head To The Spa

The reason I keep talking about stress relief is that after a big accomplishment, you have definitely gone through some stressful periods of time and after stress, everyone needs to take some time to rest and renew their minds. While some associate the spa with women, I think that it is extremely beneficial for men, as well. Head to the spa for a relaxing day and reap all of the benefits after a big accomplishment.

A Custom Gift

A long-lasting, custom gift is a great way to celebrate a loved one’s big accomplishment! A plaque, made completely in-house at East Point Foundry is a great addition to a home or office space, in order to remember the accomplishment forever. East Point Foundry handcrafts rich, high-quality cast bronze and aluminum plaques for building signs, corporate facilities, donor recognition, and memorials for schools, churches, and private organizations. Each plaque is custom made as I mentioned above, so you have the option to choose details such as borders (no border, single line, double line, bevel), textures (leatherette, pebble), size (large, small, round, rectangle, custom), and even the art and layout. Whatever you choose, you will know that East Point Foundry will pay attention to the small details, in order to make your special piece 100% perfect and custom-made specifically for you. Located in Atlanta, Georgia since 1948, President and Owner, Scott Livingston acquired East Point Foundry in 1997 and has grown the company very much since then, with a focus on exemplary service in mankind and a commitment to excellence. If you are looking for a special gift to celebrate a huge milestone or accomplishment, I believe that a plaque from East Point Foundry is a great place to look!

Ways To Celebrate Big Accomplishments

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