Should You Upgrade Your Front Door? The Pros and Cons of Electronic Door Locks

Should You Upgrade Your Front Door? The Pros and Cons of Electronic Door Locks

When a home is burglarized, the most common point of entry is the front door, occurring in 34% of all robberies.

What are the best door locks to keep your home safe and secure?

As more and more home features are controlled by your smartphone, you can add a keyless door lock to the list. But, does this convenience make your home more secure?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of electronic door statistics and trends for your front door.

Electronic Door Locks

If you’re the type to forget or lose your keys, an electronic door lock or keypad door lock from Locksmith Brisbane might be just what you need. Let’s look at the pros and cons of the latest in front door upgrades.


Electronic door locks eliminate your need for keys. If you allow others to access your home, like a dog walker or cleaning person, you can share access with them. No worries about keys getting lost.

No need to make extra keys for family members or others and no tracking them down to get the keys back.

You are alerted when people enter your home and when someone tries to gain access by trying the wrong numbers too many times.

You can change the code when you no longer want to allow access to someone who had the combination at one time. (Easier than trying to get a key back.)

It’s a selling feature when putting your home on the market. Your home will seem more updated.

You can pair electronic door locks with your smartphone. Not sure you locked the door? Use your smartphone to check and lock it if you didn’t.


If you’re worried about security, the fact that criminals might guess or hack the combination to enter your home will concern you.

Electronic door locks tend to be more expensive than traditional locks.

If the power is out, that might mean your door is unlocked or on the flip side, you may not be able to unlock the door to get in your home.

The same thing can happen if your internet is down and your door lock is controlled by your smartphone. Be sure to have a backup plan.

You have to remember to change the batteries before they die and lock you out of your own home.

If you have difficulty remembering number combinations, this type of door lock could be a problem.

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Lock it Up

Now that you know the pros and cons of electronic door locks, you can make an informed decision when it comes to changing your front door. Do your research to choose the right one for your needs.

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