Dental Bridging Treatment Solutions at Alta Canyada Dental Group in Glendale, California

Dental Bridging Treatment Solutions at Alta Canyada Dental Group in Glendale, California

Does the gap in your smile cause you long agoraphobic days? Are tired of hiding your smile behind your palm? Has serious injury resulted in one or more of your teeth getting damaged or decayed? Well, if yes is the answer to these questions, you need a tooth/teeth bridging to recover and improve your smile again. Dentist James Beck, DDS, a specialist in teeth bridging, with his team at Alta Canyada Dental Group, has profound experience in giving satisfying outcomes to their patients. To get an unforgettable smile-reviving experience at Glendale dental bridges, call the office or visit Dr. James by scheduling an appointment via the online tool today.

Dental Bridges Information

Dental Bridging

It involves replacing a missing tooth or teeth by use of dental bridge devices. A dental bridge or pontic is a false tooth that is supported by either side of the gap or abutment teeth. The false teeth can be designed from materials like porcelain, gold, alloys, or a mix of all these materials. The natural teeth or implants help to support the dental bridges. The restoring oral prosthetic mimics the functioning and form of the lost tooth either by infection or trauma.

Choosing a dental bridge to improve your smile is the best-informed decision you can make. This procedure is less involved, making it the most appropriate, unlike dental implants.

Types of Dental Bridges

The following are the common types of dental bridges:

  1.     Resin-bonded bridges

This type of dental bridging is advisable for front teeth. The procedure involves false teeth being fixed on strong metal bands. Concealed resin helps in connecting to the anchoring teeth. For effective dental bridges, it is vital to consider healthy anchoring teeth.

  1.     Traditional dental bridges

In this procedure, the anchorage is set on either side.  For the working of the process, there is the sharpening of the adjacent teeth. The placement is then put over the adjacent teeth.

  1.     Maryland bridges

Involves porcelain that supports the false tooth as it bonds to the adjacent teeth next to the teeth that are missing.

  1.     Cantilever bridges

It is appropriate to use this kind of procedure most especially when the adjoining teeth are present. These can cause damage when force is applied to the rear teeth due to the mounting pressure they may exert on the adjacent teeth.

  1.     Implant bridges

Is the most appropriate method of teeth replacement in case the patient needs several teeth restoration in a row. The bridges are in fixation by the dental implants with every missing tooth requiring its own implant surgical procedure.

Importance of Dental Bridges

  •       Assist in other adjacent teeth to maintain their geographical locations and not move out of place.
  •       You restore your normal functioning like chewing and speaking well.
  •       Help you to recover your smile.
  •       They are durable for about 10 to 15 years before needing another replacement.
  •       They help in face shape maintenance.
  •       They anchor and strengthen other adjacent teeth.
  •       Distribute evenly the biting pressure in your smile.

Generally, the dental bridges give you a healthy-looking smile with a cosmetic uplift.


First, a proper diagnosis of your situation is carried out to determine if you may need x-ray services. Below are reasons why you might want to consider dental bridging:

  •       Your speech is affected by the missing tooth or teeth.
  •       When there is too much pressure and wearing to the adjoined teeth.
  •       If there is a probability that there is gum damage.
  •       If you are experiencing a challenge while eating.

Dental Bridging Costs

In order to approximate the cost, the facts to consider include:

  •       The type of bridging the patient needs.
  •       The number of teeth to be replaced.
  •       The geographic location of the teeth.
  •       The complexity of the replacement.
  •       The kind of material the patient chooses like zirconia, metal alloy, or composite resin.
  •       Any other extensive treatment for other dental health issues like gum disease.

Call the Alta Canyada Dental Group today and restore your smile and full functioning to the mouth, or plan an appointment via the online tool.

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