Vacation Accommodation Through The Ages

Vacation Accommodation Through The Ages

When you have children, you want them to experience everything possible. That means taking them to iconic landmarks in their home country, and even considering how to travel the world with them in tow. The chance to experience new cultures and landscapes can have a fantastic impact on kids. In fact, early travel can help with everything from learning languages, to understanding diversity. And, let’s be honest; it’s pretty cool for us parents to get away, too.

But, while we’ve spoken in the past about how to make family travels possible, we have yet to consider accommodation. For most of us, going away is as simple as booking a hotel,  and not thinking twice. But, when you’re traveling with children, it’s worth paying close attention to your choices. After all, some accommodation options just won’t work for kids of a certain age. But, with that being the case, where should you consider booking? To help you decide, we’re going to look at travel accommodation through the ages.

Baby (0-2 years)

Traveling with a baby is NEVER easy. You have to worry about flights, nappy bags, and having enough supplies to last. And, that’s before you even start thinking about how to make this experience fun for your little one. Sorry to rain on your parade, but accommodation also needs to get a look in here. Indeed, it might be worth striking a standard hotel off your list. While the points found on can help to get your little one to sleep, you can’t do anything about them waking up and screaming the place down. And, when that happens, you can be sure that fellow guests will be none too happy. Admittedly, a hotel that caters to babies understands that this is a possibility. But, as a courtesy measure, many parents would rather not take the risk.

Instead, then, it may be worth looking into a private holiday rental. That way, your baby can scream all night, and no other guests will have to deal with it. Bear in mind that many apartments are attached to residential properties. These would be less suitable than a hotel. But, by looking out for standalone options, you can put your mind at ease. If you can’t afford to pay the price for a detached rental house, you could always head to sites like Airbnb. Here, many people offer their outhouses for rental. This could be an affordable way around the issue, and the best chance you have at a (somewhat) peaceful vacation.

Toddler (2-4 years)

The benefit of toddlers is that they generally sleep through the night. The downside of this age group is that they wander off the moment you turn your back. And, in a busy accommodation setting, that could spell trouble. After all, you want the chance to sunbathe without having to worry your little one will do a bunk every time you look away. As such, it’s still not worth taking the hotel option. What’s more, a private rental as mentioned above might not be right either. After all, toddlers need higher levels of stimulation. And, a private rental with only their parents to play with might not be the best idea of fun. Instead, it may be worth looking into vacation apartment complexes, or even condos like those found at These still bring the benefit of privacy, and the security that comes with it. But, they’re likely to offer a little more for your toddler to enjoy. For one, there will be other holidaymakers around, and thus some kids for them to play with. What’s more, most complexes like these come complete with swimming pools and even kiddy parks. All you need to do is select an option with as much to offer your toddler as possible. It may also be worth taking a look at safety measures, such as gates around the complex, and proximity to roads. That way, you can rest even east that your toddler can’t get up to any unwanted mischief.

5+ years

If your child is five years or above, then hotels are finally back on your cards again. In fact, it’s difficult to see which option could be better. Here, your child is sure to find plenty of enjoyment. If you opt for a family-friendly choice, there will be plenty of other children for them to make friends with. What’s more, most family-orientated hotels provide fun clubs which can keep your children amused throughout the day. And, that can work well for you by giving you the opportunity to go off and do whatever you fancy for a few hours each day. After all, this is your vacation, too. And, time off from the kids is sure to help you feel more relaxed. What’s more, you can guarantee you won’t find benefits like these with any other accommodation choice. As such, it’s a bit of a no-brainer.


The teen years are tough at the best of times, but they’re even more challenging to navigate when it comes to family vacations. For one, you need to note that your teen is unlikely willing to share a room with their parents. As such, a shared hotel room is a no-go from the off. That said, a hotel still isn’t an awful idea, as long as you’re willing to fork out for two rooms. Or, you could find a happy medium here by going back to that private apartment idea. Again, you don’t need to worry here about finding somewhere isolated as you did with a baby on board. Instead, a simple two-bedroom apartment would do the trick. You may find that this works out cheaper than two hotel rooms anyway. Yet, it still provides the benefit of that all-important privacy for your teen. Though, it is worth noting that they aren’t going to want to spend all day with their parents. As such, a safe hotel environment may be preferable for letting them go off and do their own thing.

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