And Breathe! How To Turn Your Home Into A Haven

And Breathe! How To Turn Your Home Into A Haven

We’ve all been there. It’s been a long day, and all you want to do is get home, chill out and switch off. They say there’s no place like home. For many of us, this old adage rings true, but not everyone is fortunate enough to have an oasis of calm to retreat to after a busy day. If your house is more hectic than heavenly, here are some ways to turn your home into a haven.


Did you know that colors can have a significant impact on your mood? If somebody showed you a series of flashcards with rainbow hues, you’d probably react differently to each one. Some colors are proven to energize us and make us smile, while others have a soothing and calming effect. Bear this in mind when you’re choosing colors for areas like the bedroom. If you’re trying to relax and wind down before bed, you don’t want to be confronted with bright colors and clashing prints. Opt for muted shades, pastel tones, or neutrals and keep the decor simple and understated.



If you’ve been sat at a desk all day or you’ve been running around after energetic kids, the thought of curling up in a comfortable bed or crashing onto a sofa or a giant bean bag is hugely appealing. Take a look at sites like and visit showrooms to try out chairs, couches, and mattresses before you buy. Aesthetics are important but don’t opt for stylish office chairs or couches just because they look amazing. If you can’t get comfortable when you’re watching TV or your back starts to hurt after an hour of work, the appeal of your furniture will soon start to wane. Go for pieces that look great, but also provide comfort. Once you’ve selected your furniture, you can create a cozy feel with cushions, throws, blankets, and rugs.


Adjusting the lighting in a room is one of the most effective ways to create ambiance and promote relaxation. Strip lights and bright spots are great for when you have to concentrate, but they’re not suitable for parts of the home that are geared towards kicking back and winding down like the bedrooms and living room. Use a dimmer switch or swap pendant lights and strips for lamps or candles. If you’re looking for lighting ideas for your home, this article may come in handy 



The natural trend is huge this spring/summer, and this is great news for those who are keen to turn their homes into a haven of peace. Plants can enhance the aesthetic of almost any room, but they’re also proven to boost mental health, improve sleep and reduce stress. You can choose from small potted plants for compact kitchens or giant yuccas and snake plants for home offices, living rooms, or spacious, airy bedrooms. Houseplants also purify the air in your home to help you breathe easier.

If you’re prone to stress or you have a hectic schedule, it’s so beneficial to have a haven that affords you the opportunity to chill out and de-stress. Hopefully, this guide has given you some inspiration, and you can turn your home into a heavenly retreat in no time.

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