Vacation Ideas for Single Women

Vacation Ideas for Single Women

Although family trips and romantic vacations are enjoyable, there’s nothing like traveling alone. By going on a trip on your own, you have total freedom to follow your own path, lots of opportunities to meet someone new, and different ways to come into contact with the local culture. If you’re an adventurous woman searching for an amazing solo trip, here are some vacation ideas for you to consider.

Go surfing in Mexico

If you want to have a great solo trip, a wonderful vacation idea is to go surfing during the summer in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. You’ll surely be astonished by the size of the huge waves on Zicatela beach. But if you’re a newbie, it would be best to take surfing lessons first in some of the neighboring bays where the waves seem to be gentler. Another great idea is to go north to Sayulita, a beach town near Puerto Vallarta, which is a popular place where you can learn to surf.

Attend a yoga retreat in Bali

For a long time, the gorgeous island of Bali has been the perfect destination for having an ideal vacation that will surely leave you feeling relaxed. There are lots of things to do in Bali, from tasting Balinese traditional food to looking for hidden archipelagos with stunning sunset moments. However, if you want to take a break, you must visit a women retreat in Bali to heal your body and soul. That’s why you should book your retreat and treat yourself to some lovely self-care in this fascinating travel destination to unleash your freer and happier self.

Take a volunteer vacation in India

A worthy option for solo travelers is a vacation that gives back to the community that you’re visiting. By opting for a volunteer vacation, you have a chance to help those in need. Also, not only can you connect with local people but also aid in preserving the environment and meet other volunteers. With the pandemic having an impact on India’s women, you can go on a women-only tour guided by local female tour leaders and support female entrepreneurs in the country. By going on such a tour, not only can you ride in Delhi Metro’s female-only carriage but also collaborate with local women of the Thar Desert.

Go on a spa vacation in the Azores

The best thing to do for a solo trip is to go to a spa. If you want to have an especially enchanting spa vacation, then you should go to the Azores Islands. On the main island, Sao Miguel, you’ll find thermal waters, hot springs, and spa hotels. Don’t hesitate to get a massage at Termas da Ferraria and experience their peaceful indoor and outdoor baths, private treatment rooms, and hydrotherapy pools. Also, you can go on a spa vacation in Furnas Boutique Hotel which includes both outdoor and indoor swimming pools. By going to this hotel, you’ll be able to enjoy and relax in a wellness-themed environment.

Take a solo beach vacation in Croatia

A lot of single women are searching for a relaxing destination they can visit alone. If you spend a week resting in a beach bar listening to the sound of the waves and drinking a cocktail, you’ll immediately feel refreshed and you’ll have a clear head. Golden Horn Beach is Croatia’s unique beach that can be found on Brač Island. The turquoise waters are peaceful and calm, so you won’t be annoyed by merchants, and there are hotels that are accessible to solo women travelers.

Go on a solo trip to Rome, Italy

One of the best cities in the world to travel to on your own is Rome. By going to Rome, you’ll have an urban solo vacation where you can see history at every corner, delicious food, and safe streets. There are a lot of things to do in Rome as a solo female traveler like taking long walks at night, having hands-on cooking classes, and enjoying stunning architecture at every turn. 

Hopefully, this article has given you more insight into some of the most appealing vacation ideas for having an amazing solo trip as a single woman. 

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