Can You Enjoy a Sober Vacation?

Can You Enjoy a Sober Vacation? Hint, yes!

When thinking about vacations, our minds may wander to lounging on a beach with a cool, fruity cocktail just a reach away or serenely sipping wine while looking out at the French countryside. But for those of us looking to cut out our alcohol intake, these visions can be anything but soothing. For whatever reason you may have of leaving alcohol behind, it will undoubtedly try to entice you at nearly every vacation spot you choose. Can you really decline a daiquiri and still have a good time? Absolutely. There are plenty of reasons that a sober vacation can be just as fun, if not more fun, than a vacation with alcohol. 

More Time to Experience 

When drinking, you are likely in a bar, club, or restaurant. Although the location may be nice to consume your drink in, you are not getting to consume the culture that attracted you to your vacation in the first place. There are so many other experiences you are depriving yourself of when you have an alcoholic beverage in hand. You can’t drink while getting a full body massage in your spa resort, and if you drank in the last couple of hours you certainly will not be allowed to explore a Buddhist temple. Enjoying a sober vacation means more time for hiking scenic mountain ranges, browsing open-air markets, and spontaneously joining in on tai chi practices in a park. Besides, you will not have to worry about wasting time nursing a nasty hangover in the morning. 

Saving Money 

Is there anyone out there who is adamantly opposed to saving a little extra dough? Let’s face it—alcoholic drinks are pricey, and regrettable after-drink purchases can be even pricier. As your bank account is probably already looking a little low from booking that vacation, it may thank you for not spending more of it on drinks. However, that saved money could also go towards some great souvenirs that will last so much longer than martinis. 

Other Options 

Just because you are not drinking alcohol does not mean that you have to deprive yourself of other kinds of non-alcoholic drinks. There are such a plethora of specialty non-alcoholic drinks out there for you to choose from. You could try a cappuccino in Italy or a traditional Thai iced tea in Thailand. If you are vacationing in a tropical region, a freshly-cut coconut or freshly-squeezed fruit juice might just hit the spot. Apfelshorle in Germany is non-alcoholic and great and so is Guarana Antarctica soda in Brazil. You could even give some virgin versions of cocktails a try. 

Supportive Travel Companions 

One of the best ways to enjoy a sober vacation is (when you can) to pick friends or family members who also do not drink or fully respect your decision to not drink. It can definitely become hard to stay sober when those around you are frequently seeking out drinking holes and even harder if they make you feel pressured to drink with them. Good travel companions will opt out of choosing wine tours or breweries when with you, and will never push you “take a sip”. Just think of all the exciting memories you can create when experiencing the great, wide world with your favorite people. 

Change Your Mindset on Rewards 

Vacation is all about taking some time to let your hair down and reward yourself for all of the hard work you do all the other time. Although some accomplish this sense of reward through drinking, there are many other ways to treat yourself in place of booze. If you have a soft spot for sweets, allowing yourself a special dessert will fill the void. A nice manicure could also make you feel very happy.

You do not have to choose between fun or sobriety on vacation when you can pretty easily have both. After all, when you think back on your favorite vacations in the past, you are likely to remember that time when you spotted a baby zebra on an African safari over what beer you had during dinner that evening. So, what are you waiting for? Bon, voyage!



  1. These are great reminders that having a good, relaxing vacay doesn’t require alcohol or any other substance. Sometimes I forget and end up feeling worse afterwards!

  2. This has a lot of interesting information in it and it all seems to be true. I do enjoy a cocktail now and then but I could definitely see vacations without it! There’s more to see and experience without alcohol just as with!

  3. My husband and I don’t drink. I will say it is harder to find a social group because when people drink they are suspicious of those who don’t . We don’t care if they drink but they do care that we don’t.

  4. most vacations are sober for me, wth kids around. i think there are so many advantages!

  5. Interesting post with a lot of truth in it. I personally like the cocktails but that is not a good idea for everyone.

  6. I don’t drnk! Even when I’m on an all-inclusive package location that has a free-flow bar! Besides, mocktails are just as awesome!

  7. Awesome article. I drank and partied a lot when I was younger

  8. Well written!!! I hope this article reaches many people!

  9. I am enjoying a better life since I left the Alcohol behind. I used to drink and party in my younger years. I do not miss it.

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