1920s ownton Abbey Inspired Clothing

1920s “Downton Abbey” Inspired Clothing

“Downton Abbey” is an award-winning television show set on an English estate during the Edwardian Era. This immensely popular program has opened people’s eyes to the dignified fashions that were popular during this exceptionally elegant era. Opulent, airy, and stately all at once, the looks from “Downton Abbey” have women everywhere clamoring for looks that replicate those seen on the show.

Here are easy ways to emulate “Downton Abbey” style.

Evening Wear

The evening wear on “Downton Abbey” is incredibly exciting. Grand, glittering evening gowns are a famous feature of nearly every episode. These elegant dresses are distinctly Edwardian and feature relaxed, sheath-style silhouettes that were rising to popularity during the turn of the century. While typically shapeless, the beading, embroidery, and other exquisite details give them a feminine look and timeless appeal.

You’ll find the same styles in our gorgeous collection of  “Downton Abbey” style gowns. Our empire-waisted gowns feature slight sleeves and long, luxurious layers of fabric to create a beautifully textured look that mimics the look of characters on the popular television show. Whether you are looking for a rich, ruby-colored tea dress or a golden gown fit for a “Downton Abbey” style wedding, you’ll find it in our sumptuous collection.

Casual Dress

While the evening wear on “Downton Abbey” is unmatched, the casual looks also have a distinct polish that is worth copying. High-waisted, A-line skirts are paired with feminine tops for a look that exemplifies casual fashions that were popular during the Edwardian era. Similarly, the characters on “Downton Abbey” don breezy day dresses with dropped-waist cuts for a look that is prim, proper, and picture-perfect.

Emulating these looks is also easy with pieces from our separates collection. Here, you’ll find lacy blouses that pair perfectly with vintage-inspired walking skirts for looks that copy the casual “Downton Abbey” styles. You’ll also find casual dresses with lace details and relaxed shapes that perfectly replicate the stylish, garden-party looks seen on the show. Don’t forget to tie everything together with the perfect vintage pump.


Although they seem like small details, accessories are what truly makes “Downton Abbey” style come to life. For evening gowns, layer on the jewelry for tons of sparkle and pair satin gloves with sleeveless silhouettes for an elegant, authentic look. For daytime styles, strands of pearls provide just enough visual impact. A stylish straw or cloche-style hat also provides the perfect finishing touch to your “Downton Abbey” inspired look.



  1. Wow, these are such elegant dresses. I love Downton Abbey, and I loved those gorgeous dresses!

  2. I love Downton Abbey! Such a great show. The fashion for sure is something awesome!º

  3. I have never heard of the show Downtown Abby. I will be checking that out. All old styles and trends are coming back in style. I wouldn’t be surprised if I have seen this casual fashion style come back around.

  4. Huge fan of Downtown Abby! LOVED your collection, although not too sure if I could carry them.

  5. I used to watch Downtown Abby on TV while living in Holland. That together with Eastenders were the hit shows. You totally captured the vibe. On point! So pretty

  6. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    Loving the outfits, they look beautiful! I must say what accessories you use to partner up for the dress has a lot of impact.

  7. Nice style and ideas. I have to check the show cause i read many times that its good.

  8. Wow, these are such elegant dresses, who knew that these dresses would come back in trend after a century. These outfits looks very classy.

  9. These outfits are really classy and elegant, it is nice to try on this kind of fashion as well. I haven’t seen Downtown Abbey, but I got interested on checking out so I can have a better look of how they pull off such outfits.

  10. I have met English friends years ago. I would say they really sport a conservative style. But their style looks classy and stylish.

  11. Wow. Looks so beautiful clothes. I feel brought me in the past through these pictures and clothes

  12. Wow. Looks so beautiful clothes. I feel brought me in the past through these pictures and clothes.

  13. Oh my! I loved Downton Abbey! And I loved those gorgeous dresses!

  14. Never hear about this show Downton Abbey earlier. First I need to watch this show. BTW I love all the above outfit.

  15. These are such great outfits! I’ve been meaning to watch Downtown Abbey, I’ll have to start it soon!

  16. Asa long time reenactor I always love clothing that has a historic look. I’ve never really cared for modern clothing, I would much rather wear long skirts.

  17. Imagine if we still dressed this way, makes me wonder how I would look in them. Not sure I can pull it off, seems like I would have to act so posh.

  18. I love these looks! Downton Abbey was such a great show. I’d want to dress like Maggie Smith’s character and speak my mind.

  19. I am visiting my son next week at the academy and it is located in a rich man town. This is how I feel that I have to dress to fit in.

  20. Oh man, if I ever tried to pull off an outfit like that – my friends and family would think I were sick! LOL!

  21. Although, I never watched or liked Downtown Abbey, my friends say they pretty much had good clothing. And I kind of agree with it. I always see England like this, hope people don’t get offended. But I think at that era, those clothing are much more confort. England knew how to dress and how to stay casual without being loud.

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