Let’s Take A Look At Some of Roller Rabbit’s Hand Printed PJs

Want to Rock Roller Rabbit Pajamas? Everything You Need to Know to Find Your New Fave PJs

Image courtesy of TheStreetChestNuthill.

The Roller Rabbit brand is one of family, happiness, and fun. These themes are best encapsulated by the brand’s collection of pajamas. While the brand does sell other clothing items and accessories, its lineup of pajamas are by far the most popular items in its catalog. This is likely due to the brand’s collection of PJs that are available to all members of the family, making them an excellent gift for anyone. 

Where Can You Buy Roller Rabbit Brand Products?

Roller Rabbit brand merchandise can be purchased from the brand’s official online store page (RollerRabbit.com). Roller Rabbit’s products can also be purchased from select online fashion retailers like Shopbop. Always be sure to purchase named brand products from official or reputable companies on the internet. This is the best way to avoid being sold counterfeit or defective products.

The Roller Rabbit brand also has a few retail locations across the United States, in places like:

  • Dallas, Texas
  • Newport Beach, California
  • Charleston, South Carolina 
  • Palm Beach, Florida
  • Madison Avenue New York, New York

For international customers, the brand’s official website only ships to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. They don’t ship to P.O. boxes and they don’t ship on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. The brand will often experience delays in its shipping time during the holiday season as well.

Want to Rock Roller Rabbit Pajamas? Everything You Need to Know to Find Your New Fave PJs

Family fun times don’t have to end when the sun goes down. Get you and your family some party PJs that the whole family will enjoy. 

How Long Does It Take For Roller Rabbit Products To Ship?

The Shipping times for Roller Rabbit bran products depend on where the products are being shipped from and where the products are being shipped to. These time frames are based on the time frames listed on the roller rabbit official online store page. For domestic ground orders will take between 3 and 7 business days. Priority and express shipping are offered but are both currently unavailable. Their shipping times are 2-3 business days for express and 1-2 business days for priority. All three international countries Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom only support the standard shipping method and have the same estimated shipping time of 7 to 10 business days.

Roller Rabbit’s Fascinating History 

So you’re probably wondering who founded the Roller Rabbit brand. It’s actually a fairly interesting story. The story begins with a young woman named Roberta Freymann. During her years working in the knitwear business, she did a lot of traveling in her free time. 

Want to Rock Roller Rabbit Pajamas? Everything You Need to Know to Find Your New Fave PJs

Roberta was born in London and spent a lot of time working as the head of a knitwear business. Image courtesy of OneKingsLane.

Her inspiration for starting her own shop came from a Bazaar she visited during her time traveling. Roberta opened up an accessories boutique a little off Madison Avenue in New York. After some time, she expanded the number of products available at her shop to include clothing items as well. It was also around this time that she moved the store to East 70th Street and began opening more store locations in East Hampton, Palm Beach, and San Francisco. She named the brand Roberta Freymann and to this day it sells ready-to-wear, outerwear, jewelry, and accessories for women with designs created through collaboration with local artisans from South America, Europe, and more.

Now let’s answer the burning question of what the Roller Rabbit brand has to do with all this. In 2003 Roberta launched a spin-off brand named Roberta Roller Rabbit. The brand’s name and theme were inspired by a fable Roberta learned about a magical rabbit while traveling in India. That same small spin-off brand has now grown and expanded into the iconic brand we know and love today. 

In 2017, Roberta sold the Roberta Roller Rabbit spin-off brand, resulting in the current name of the brand being just Roller Rabbit. The new Roller Rabbit’s official store page doesn’t say who currently owns the brand, so that information is a bit of a mystery at the moment to anyone outside of the brand itself. What the brand’s official site does tell us is a bit about its message, and philosophy, it also gives us a bit more detail about the magical Rabbit story that the brand’s name is based on. 

The brand’s message is to create products that put people at ease and help them cherish the moments they spend with their friends and family. It’s a beautiful message, only matched by the beauty found in the brand’s designs and fabrics. In its current form, the brand is focused on selling dresses, pajamas, bedding, and accessories. The brand works in collaboration with artisans from India, Peru, Italy, Portugal, Kenya, Nicaragua, and even the United States to produce patterns and designs unlike any of its competitors.

Roller Rabbit’s Amanda Kimono

Want to Rock Roller Rabbit Pajamas? Everything You Need to Know to Find Your New Fave PJs

This Kimono is available in three different colors, blue, turquoise, and orange. Image courtesy of Roller Rabbit.

Roller Rabbit’s Amanda Kimono is made from the brand’s 60’s Cambric Cotton. This cotton is lightweight. The design pattern of this kimono is original to the Roller Rabbit brand and can’t be found anywhere else. The kimono comes with a removable sash tie that helps tighten the robe. 

Roller Rabbit’s Infant Celebration Bunnies Zipper Footies

Want to Rock Roller Rabbit Pajamas? Everything You Need to Know to Find Your New Fave PJs

These Jammies are totally cute and perfect for your bundle of joy. Image courtesy of Roller Rabbit.

The Infant Celebration Bunnies Zipper Footies come in one color pattern, multi-colored rabbits with gold sparkles on white background. These jammies come in three sizes based on age, 0 to 3 months, 3 to 6 months, and 6 to 9 months. These PJs are made using the brand’s premium cotton, making these jammies super soft, durable, and breathable.

Common Questions About The Roller Rabbit Brand

    • Why are Roller Rabbit products so expensive?: Roller Rabbit makes their products from 100% premium cotton, which makes them feel softer and last longer. Also, the patterns from these products come from designers all across the world so they are very unique.
    • When does Roller Rabbit restock?: The brand does its best to restock items as quickly as possible while also ensuring high-quality products. In situations like this, it’s important to remember that old saying, “Good things come to those who wait.”
    • Does Roller Rabbit have sales?: Yes! In fact, the brand has an entire page dedicated to items that are on sale on its official store page. These sales extend to all items the brand produces, including dresses and purses. The brand also does holiday and event sales throughout the year so check back periodically!
  • How does Roller Rabbit make its designs?: Roller Rabbit uses a printing style called Hand Block Printing. This printing style is centuries old and is performed by some of India’s finest artisans. This process involves the use of handmade iron or wood blocks and raw mixed paints being applied to fabrics. The entire application process is done by hand, no machines are involved at all! This gives every one of the brand’s products a natural and homemade feel to them. 

Want to Rock Roller Rabbit Pajamas? Everything You Need to Know to Find Your New Fave PJs

You should absolutely pick up some jammies for your babies! 

    • Why do some of my Roller Rabbit products look different from their pictures?: Because of the style in which the brand’s products are made, sometimes patterns will have slight differences from one another in terms of pattern location and color tint. Another reason for this is that the color setting of your computer monitor might differ from the setting of the camera that took the product’s picture.
    • How do Roller Rabbit Pajamas fit?: Many reviews of Roller Rabbits pajamas on Shopbop say that they fit true to size/as expected.
  • How should I wash Roller Rabbit Pajamas?: For the best possible outcome you should always wash Roller Rabbit products by following the directions on the tag. Each garment may have different washing directions than others. A good general rule to follow when washing the brand’s products would be to hand wash them with mild detergent and cold water. As for the drying process, it is recommended that you line-dry these pajamas

If you want to learn more about how to best take care of and wash the brand’s products, check out the brand’s FAQ page.


The Roller Rabbit brand’s pajama collection is full of a bunch of unique and interesting designs that are family-friendly while still being cute. The brand even has bath robes and kimonos as well if you’re looking for something a little different from the rest of your nightwear wardrobe. The matching sets for adults and children also mean you and your baby can be cozy and adorable together while you sleep.