Fashion Hacks To Try This Summer

Fashion Hacks To Try This Summer

Now that the warmer weather has officially arrived, it is the perfect excuse to grab the flowing dresses, elaborate off-the-shoulder numbers, and of course, graphic tees. During the summertime, we are constantly looking for ways to make our lives easier, and when it comes to clothing there are plenty of ways to make a positive difference and save you time and pain on a hot day. Here are our top fashion hacks which you should try this summer.

Sundress Boob Support

Summer graces us with stunning shoulder tops and flowing dresses that keep us cool and let us channel our biggest boho vibe, but when you have an ample chest to go with these items, it can be a little awkward, to say the least. If you have a large bust and need extra support on your chest this summer, you can buy a strapless bra and sew it into the dress for extra support. It saves you worrying about your bra showing under the dress but makes sure that you don’t have an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

Rock A Hat

It is tempting once the sun swoops in to soak up as many of those rays as you can, but a lot of the time too much sun exposure can make us tired and sweaty. To avoid this happening and to allow you the extra time in the summer sun, make sure to invest in a summer hat. This will not only cover your scalp and protect your head, but it will keep you feeling cooler for longer during the day.  

A Scarf Into A Skirt

One of the fun hacks you can do this summer is turning an old scarf into a cute mini skirt for the warmer weather. All you will need for this is your skirt and a sewing kit. Simply wrap the skirt around your waist, and as you reach the front of your body, turn the scarf so that a wrap effect is formed. Sew up the end and voila!

Have A Cold Shower

If you are planning to go out for a full day in the summer sun, the best thing you can do is take an ice-cold shower before you set off. This will drop your body temperature down to a comfortable level and it means that it takes longer for you to overheat. Just make sure you remember to slap on plenty of sun cream before you head out of the door!

An Old Tee Into A Crop Top

If you want to make a splash with your summer wardrobe you can have some fun and transform an old tee into a cute crop top. Start off with your tee lay flat down. Place your hand underneath the front of the tee and cut a vertical line all the way down the middle, cutting the tee in half. Cut off the sleeves completely, place your arms through it and wrap the two halves around your waist. It’s a great way to save money on fashion and turn your old tee into something new!

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