Why Bespoke Suits Are For All Genders

Why Bespoke Suits Are For All Genders

At a time when gender differences are narrowing, when the whole world is working to establish equality, clothing says a lot. Universal fashion imposes release from prejudice. Some of the traditional values ​​that have been nurtured for decades and which have made a clear distinction between men’s and women’s clothing are slowly disappearing today.

The suit became one of the most popular unisex pieces of clothing. For men, a combination of jacket and pants has always been a must-have piece in the wardrobe. And, as seen on The Tailory NYC – custom suits, this outfit today has become a must-have for women who want to prove their strength, ability, and gender equality.

Bespoke Suit Helps You Express Yourself

Nowadays, it is a common thing for men, for example, to wear clothes of bright, ‘girly,’ colors, and for a woman to be perfectly styled in custom women’s suits. Of course, modern fashion does not force the differences between men and women to disappear. It just encourages the fluidity of style and its adaptability to all genders.

In a suit, neither men nor women can go unnoticed. The attitude of one who wears a perfectly tailored jacket with pants (or skirt) is what sets them apart. And especially when they wear a bespoke suit, made to fit their body measures and style. Everyone deserves to look good.

Custom-made suits and business shirts brisbane are not something you see every day. Even a fashion ignoramus can notice the difference between high-quality and mass-produced clothing. To have a handmade suit is a luxury, but anyone who takes care of their looks should have one of these. It’s not just a matter of fashion; it’s about expressing your personality, esteem, and attitude. And in the exclusive outfit, no one will think of you as ‘one of many others.’

You Are Unique

Although the price for bespoke suits is higher than for off-the-rack clothing, the price justifies the quality. Still, these outfits are cheaper than those of well-known designers and trendsetting fashion houses. If you find a good tailor, you can have a suit like from a catwalk, for a lot less money.

High couture suits cost several thousand dollars each. For a much lower price, you can hire a tailor to make you an outfit identical to the one you saw at a famous designer show. On that basis, you can add some details that highlight your look, all depending on what occasion where you’ll wear the combination of jacket/blazer and pants/skirt. Nothing shows your sense of style more than a well-fitted crafted outfit.

A great style is reflected in the fact that you give each fashion combination a personal touch, that it looks good, and that you feel good in it. Uniqueness is the significant advantage of bespoke clothing –you have an exclusive piece that probably no one else has.

Even with tremendous sales growth in tailored clothes, thanks to the Internet and online sales, anyone can get what they want and still be unique. Bespoke tailoring is about customizing your outfit to the smallest detail. Whether you are well-acquainted with the currently popular fashion trends or you prefer vintage and timeless style, every idea you have is feasible.

It’s Worthy Investment

Having two high couture, timeless combinations of jackets (blazers) and pants (skirts) is a better option than buying dozens of synthetic clothes. You’ll probably throw them away after a few months of wearing; bespoke suit, with proper cleaning and storing, can last for years.

Buying a tailored suit may not be the cheapest option, but it is a good investment. For the money you give to the tailor, you get the outfit you want, tailored according to your wants. You’ll get a piece of clothing that will be fashionable now and ever. Plus, it will last way longer than any off-the-rack garment.

The price you will pay for a bespoke jacket and pants/skirt relates to the purchase of materials and the labor needed to make a piece of clothing according to your requirements. Machines make mass-produced clothes; bespoke tailoring is all about manual work. 

But you have to know your size, or to entrust a tailor to make accurate measures, as seen on the following source:


Personalization of your suit, with details like embroidery or seams, is done by hand and very precisely. When you see these details, they look like a little piece of art. Making them from scratch can be quite demanding, even for skilled tailors, so it can sometimes take hours. 

Good Look Bring Confidence

It’s not just women who take care of their looks, but men do too. When you buy bespoke suits, you get yourself the quality clothes that will last. But more importantly, you invest in yourself by working on your appearance and style.

And in many situations, what you look like is very important. For example, your workplace requires professional, serious, and trustworthy people. And what more than a well-fitted handmade suit says about you and your personality? If you have a sleek, elegant style, wearing a bespoke outfit is the ultimate in style. Be sure you’ll leave a good impression on your colleagues, superiors, and all business associates.

Your appearance significantly affects your level of self-confidence. When you look good, your confidence grows, and you become more attractive to others. However, tailored clothing does not designate you as a person; it just helps you to express it in the best way possible.

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