What is the Best Electric Smoker to Buy? 6 Fantastic Options

What is the Best Electric Smoker to Buy? 6 Fantastic Options

Every family needs different ways to cook their glorious meats. Doing so can offer a delicious-tasting meal to the dinner table every single night of the week.

That’s why having a smoker can be such a tremendous option for cooking. It offers a flavor unlike any other meat cooking method out there.

Not only that, but placing your meat in a smoker offers a relatively hands-free way of cooking. You can set it out and have it ready whenever dinner is close.

Here is a list to help you find the best electric smoker for your needs. Be sure to consider all of these options and determine the right fit.

1. Masterbuilt Digital Smoker

The ever-popular brand known as Masterbuilt added to its sterling reputation with this amazing electronic grill. It’s an efficient size for wherever you’d like to place it outside your house.

It contains a full amount of insulation to retain the heat that’s necessary to completely smoke the meat. However, there’s an embedded thermostat to make sure that heat stays consistent.

It has four smoking racks and a side wood chip loading dock that allows you to add more chips without opening the smoker’s door.

At only $200 on Amazon, this smoker is well worth the investment and will be used in your household for years to come.

Never used a Masterbuilt smoker before? No worries! Follow this link to learn how to use Masterbuilt smoker products for the first time.

2. Cookshack Amerique Electric Smoker

Go hard or go home, right? If that’s your mentality, then you might consider purchasing this beast of an electric smoker.

The SM066 model contains an optimum amount of insulation to keep the heat only where it needs to be. Because of the strength of the insulation, you can touch the outside of the smoker even when it’s in use.

This baby has a temperature control range of 140 to 300 degrees for you to smoke anything and everything.

If you like to host home parties with a large headcount then the Cookshack electric smoker is equal to the task. It holds up to 50 pounds of food to be smoked at any one time.

It’s perfect for church cookouts, ball team gatherings, pool parties, birthday parties, stag parties, and much more!

3. Masterbuilt Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you read that correctly. This smoker has Bluetooth embedded in it to help you control the temperature in which your food is cooked. If it gets too hot, you can cool it down with the press of a button.

Because it’s a Masterbuilt smoker, it includes the previously-mentioned patented side wood chip loading dock to use without opening the door.

The front door features a glass door for you to view the meat along with interior lighting which can help you to see day or night. That way, you can ensure a fully cooked meal without even having to reopen the door.

Once you’re finished, you only need to slide the wood chip tray out and dump the ash into your preferred waste bucket.

4. Smoke Hollow Digital Smoker

This beautifully-designed digital smoker would look good anywhere that you set it, especially if you purchase the black version. Its 30-inch body allows you to place it anywhere that you wish.

It includes an embedded thermostat that controls the internal heat and ensures the temperature stays at a certain level.

The digital panel that’s located at the top of it allows you to control everything including cooking time, temperature, and turning it on or off quickly.

It comes with three cooking rates that all hold a moderate amount of food inside, perfect for family get-togethers.

If you’re interested in a cost-efficient option to start with then this will fit the bill (pun intended) quite nicely. It’s on Amazon for $180 and currently includes free shipping!

5. Pit Boss Silver Star 3 Digital Smoker

While this digital smoker might be the smallest one to make this list (21 inches), it packs a powerful punch.

It boasts a steel cabinet with two layers of walling and contains a coating made for the high heat that it produces.

The wood chip tray is located in the front and is large enough to compensate for over 2-hours of cook time without having to replace it. For the beginners out there, this smoker will make it easier for you to find a cooking rhythm faster.

It goes for around $270 online and will hold it’s value for as long as you own it. You can bust it out every week or every month and it will never lose its quality of cooking.

6. Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Smoker

This model holds up with all the others on this list and provides much of the same benefits.

It has a digital control panel to regulate temperature and quickly turn the smoker on or off. It also has double-wall construction to keep the smoker heat inside where it’s needed.

This model also includes a steel locking latch to make sure everything stays compact. It is a great option for beginners and savvy smoker vets alike!

Find the Best Electric Smoker for Your Situation

Now that you’ve read through these several options, there’s probably a clear choice as to the best electric charcoal starter for your needs.

Factor in how often you plan on using it and if you’d prefer any other amenities in the smoker that you choose.

Be sure to read our other articles pertaining to this topic, as well as other helpful topics.

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