Spring cooking with Innit App

It’s warming up around here and I’ve been shaking off the winter blues by trying to spend more time working on my spring cleaning and meal planning.  One of my goals for the New Year was to eat healthier and resist fast food.  Every year that’s one of the first goals that I make and break.  It’s easy to say I’m going to be healthier and cook more but between the time it takes to source recipes and substitutes them to fit my family’s lifestyle (and let’s be honest, to accommodate their taste) to actually cooking them, my goal always seems out of reach.  But I’m still hanging in there trying to commit to keeping my goal.

But all of that is about to change because I’ve discovered Innit which basically is an eating technology company whose new app helps me with my everyday cooking. It does this by connecting all the steps it takes to get a meal on the table (something that’s never been done before). I had never really thought about how much work goes into creating a meal until I went through my (failed) back surgery. I used to spend hours on creating our meals and didn’t think anything about the time it was taking me.  Now, I have to limit my time standing and preparing our meals. After using the Innit app, I’ve come to realize just how complicated the whole process is from actually choosing a recipe to shopping for ingredients to figuring out how to cook it.  Just typing that feels exhausting.

Spring cooking with Innit App

When you open the Innit app, it asks you about your dietary preferences, your allergies, likes and dislikes—then, it suggests personalized meals for your entire family. It’s like having a personal chef in the house. And best of all, it gives you an entire meal rather than just one recipe. And entire meal folks.  It auto-creates grocery lists to make shopping super easy, and when you’re ready to cook, it’s got you covered with easy, how-to videos.  Having a grocery list available saves me time and money because I’m no longer shopping on a whim.  It even sequences all the instructions to make sure all parts of your meal are done at once!

Spring cooking with Innit App

I was surprised at just how convenient Innit made everything—I was really able to get dinner on the table in 30 minutes every night for a week! 30 minutes is doable even with the pain I now have from my surgery.  I’m definitely going to continue to use it in all year long.  Even though I can’t spend hours in the kitchen any longer, I love that I can make a full meal in a short time to help keep my family healthy.

Here’s how Innit is making healthy, everyday cooking easier in 2018:

Innit recommends healthy and personalized meals based on your food preferences. Going paleo? Innit has got you covered. Vegan? Delicious recipes await. Love the sound of a Steak and Kale salad but avoiding red meat? Swap out the steak for Salmon and the meal instructions and how-to videos will update seamlessly.”

Meal planning is one of the best ways to eat healthy and avoid succumbing to cravings, but it takes time! Innit can do the planning for you, offering you personalized shopping lists, instructions, and step-by-step guides that save you precious time and energy and keep you on track with your goals.”

Innit connects with GE Appliances and BSH Home Connect technology to turn your smart oven on and off at the appropriate time, sending custom instructions to ensure optimal cooking and notify you when your meal is ready! That means less time in the kitchen, and more time to spend on your other goals, like working out, reading more, or taking more relaxing bubble baths.”

“Home cooks can download the IOS and Android app for free at www.innit.com, which features meal planning, cooking instructions, and smart shopping lists for healthy meals such as Broccoli Quinoa Bowl, Sesame Nori Mushroom Bowl, and Steak Kale Salad.”

How do you cook every day? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Wow. This is what I need! I do not always cook because I always forget how to do it or what to put in the dish. This is really helpful.

  2. I am culinarily challenged so if this app can help me with my cooking, I will definitely want to have it.

  3. I had never heard of using an app for cooking. Deciding what to cook is a daunting task. This app, am sure is going be of great help. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have never used app for cooking! sounds wonderful. I wonder if there is any spring detox program.

  5. Oh this app sounds super interesting. I will definitely have to check it out.

  6. This sounds like an interesting app. I go back and forth on eating healthy to not keeping up with it. Having an app with fresh recipes at my fingertips would be great.

  7. This app seems great and it has some great recipes. I will have to give it a try.

  8. An app with awesome recipes is my kind of thing!! I will have to download this one!!

  9. This looks like a great app with some wonderful recipes. Anything to make weeknight cooking easier sounds great to me!

  10. Oh wow, what a great app!! I just don’t have time to meal plan, this is so helpful!

  11. This sounds like such a fabulous app and resource to help out with meals on those busy days. I love that it can help to improve our diets and help us meal plan for the week.

  12. This sounds like a useful app. It would help me on those busy days.

  13. This sounds a great app. After becoming a mother, I keep on searching for the best diet guidance. This app will surely be helpful.

  14. I’m like you I’m always wanting to improve our diets but fall do n due to time and practicality constraints. This app sounds really good – we get fed up of putting the same things in our meal planning.

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