What To Look For In A Ghostwriter

What To Look For In A Ghostwriter

You might have an interesting story you might want to share with people. You have it outlined and organized. The only thing now is to write all of it down. But there is a catch – you do not possess the ability to write. Or it can be that you do not have the time to do so. You have given it a shot, but it seems too daunting of a task. So does this mean the end of your story? Of course not! There is still an alternative – hiring a ghostwriter. No, it is not an actual ghost who will haunt others with your writing. It goes beyond that. They are a professional who writes on your behalf. So why don’t we take a look at what to look for in hiring ghostwriters in Australia?

First Things First

The hiring process does not mean you have to immediately discuss things with the first ghostwriter you find. There are other things you have to polish up. 

  • Project goals

It is integral that you define the goal of this project. You have to be clear with yourself about what you want to accomplish. Doing so will allow you to explain other aspects to your ghostwriter later. You can sort it out by answering the who, what, how, why, and when questions of the project. So who will be reading the work? Why do you want to write it down? When do you want to have it uploaded or shared? What is the story’s purpose?

  • Start the hunt

You are looking for real and live ghostwriters, not entities lurking in abandoned places. The best way to look for them nowadays is through the internet. There are several ghostwriters who have websites and platforms. You can also visit threads and writing boards to find one.

  • Go for professionalism

The next part is to find a ghostwriter who has professional experience in the field. Do not settle for beginners only. Aim for those who have writing experience and previous clientele under their wing. It would also go a long way to seek a writer who tells about their work and working habits.

  • Budget

You cannot hire a ghostwriter for no charge at all. Unless that writer is willing to do so or something. Like most of us, these individuals have debts to pay and bills to settle. It is only fair that you prepare enough money for their services. You should also look for a writer in your price range. 

Did you know that some ghostwriters charge at least $50,000 to $80,000 on a project? It is quite the sum for detailed work. But that does not mean you have to spend that amount for yours. You will locate professionals who charge way less. But you might think of writing it with no help if your budget is way below $3000. There is no ghostwriter today who asks for something that low. But that may be the case for stories that do not stretch out an entire book.

  • Project length

You have to see how long your book or story is overall. There are ghostwriters who do not work on tales with less than fifty thousand words. There is also the option of letting a ghostwriter make an estimate. Keep in mind that the longer your story or book gets, the higher you will pay for it.

What To Avoid When Hiring

There is nothing wrong with trying to share – and sell – your story to a target audience. Hiring a ghostwriter is one of the best ways to do so. But there are still dangers you should avoid at all costs:

  • Contracts with few details

Be careful when setting up a contract with a ghostwriter. Most of us skip through the details of an agreement only to complain later. So do not settle for a contract with less information. Everything has to be there. Such information includes the duration of the project, cost, and others. Check whether a ghostwriter will finish your entire story, or they will only work on the first half of it. This detailed documentation will protect you and the writer once something goes amiss.

Another keynote is a confidentiality clause. Remember that you are sharing your story or idea for a ghostwriter to secure. Set it in that they cannot share the concept with anyone else besides you. You do not want the ghostwriter telling their buddies all about your science fiction story where giant metallic crabs from Neptune come to invade the planet.

  • Revisions

Revision is a part of any project. So that is why you have to settle with a ghostwriter who is comfortable with doing revisions. You can read the work after the writing process. But you still have a say with what to change or edit. But never go overboard with the revision process. It is okay to ask for some. But do not abuse it and have changes in every paragraph that you see.

  • Promises

Some ghostwriters have a habit of promising too much. Writer A mentions that he can land you a decent publishing company. Ghostwriter B says that they can finish the job in no time. First off, ghostwriters rarely have ties with publishing companies. Next, it takes a lot of time to work on a book or even a short story. It would be wise to dodge these fishy ghostwriters and their tall tales. Their primary task is to bring your story to life, and that is about it.

  • Capturing what you want

Never go for a ghostwriter who does not portray your idea in your style. One rule for ghostwriting is that they should show content how the client sees fit. They must convey your message and idea just as how you would want to see it. Better look for another ghostwriter once they do not agree to this term.

Ending In Ghostly Proportions

The ghostwriter hiring process can get tricky for some individuals. So you have to prepare for the job. It is also integral for you to read all the resources, such as time and funds this endeavor will cost. But most of all, the ghostwriter you will hire must deliver something of value from their end.

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