3 Awesome Tips for Chic, Natural-Looking Hair

3 Awesome Tips for Chic, Natural-Looking Hair

Style That Looks Effortless

Hair is amazing. We’ve all had the experience where we encounter someone who has perfect hair. Maybe it’s gorgeously thick. Maybe they’ve got some funky new design that you just can’t look away from. Maybe their hair has a bounce and “flow” that’s downright entrancing. Maybe it sets in place perfectly, making the person beneath like a perfect porcelain doll.

There are all manner of things that make hair look amazing. If you want to make yours look its best, you have the ability to. It may take a little work. For one thing, not everybody has the same level of “health” in their hair. You may need to take supplements, such as vitamin D and vitamin B. You might have to change your mode of styling.

Plenty of fashionistas don’t realize that certain cosmetic products which alter appearance are actually incredibly bad for their hair. Have you seen someone with very thin-looking hair who always dyes it with synthetic colors? Bleaching your hair is bad for it. Fake coloration is problematic. There are natural means of coloring hair we’ll look at shortly, but most dyes are bad.

Things like bleach go right to your scalp, and this is where the danger lies. A lot of hair products are bad for the skin under your hair. Your body produces natural oils which keep your skin healthy, and that’s important to hair health. Following we’ll explore a few considerable ways to jazz up your hair so it’s chic, gorgeous, and feels totally natural.

3 Awesome Tips for Chic, Natural-Looking Hair

  1. Try a New Color

First things first: coloration is one of the biggest changes to explore. Now, chemicals can change your hair’s color, but these are often toxic and dangerous. Using them frequently will make hair brittle and thin until it starts falling out and you’re in Jada Pinkett-Smith territory. Yes, alopecia can result from over-dying your hair. This is usually temporary, but the bad dye is often the culprit.

For more natural coloration that stays in long, but doesn’t damage your hair, you might want to try henna hair dye. This is natural, it looks good, it goes on easily, and it lasts long. Just avoid synthetic henna used for fake tattoos, that’s not the “genuine article”, as the saying goes. Henna for hair dye is a great way to change your hair’s color without damaging it.

  1. Change Shampoos: Try Argan Oil and Other Natural Products

Shampoos can also be problematic, and simply changing the conditioner and shampoo you use can result in a transformative shift. Here’s the thing, though. You’ve got to be careful you don’t get tricked by some shampoo that makes your hair look amazing, but only briefly.

Plenty of shampoos have thickening agents and the like that produce the effects they do through unhealthy means. This is a list of shampoos to avoid at all costs. You might want to look into shampoos that only use natural, non-altered substances without any sort of chemical influence.

Argan oil can do wonders for your hair, for example. It fights dandruff, fights frizz, keeps hair protected from damage, helps make hair shine, and treats the scalp. Many modern shampoos feature argan oil for these reasons.

3 Awesome Tips for Chic, Natural-Looking Hair

  1. Style Your Hair Differently: Bangs Aren’t Always Best

A simple style change can do wonders. Maybe you love your bangs, but if you haven’t changed things up in a while, you might want to. There’s something to be said for exceptionally long hair that has had little to no salon treatment. Provided you wash it and straighten it, letting it simply grow isn’t a bad idea.

Here’s the caveat: when you start getting split ends, that inhibits how long your hair can get, increases “frizz”, and results in more little “knots” you have to work through with a brush. To make your hair the longest, you’ll have to trim an inch or so off the ends every couple of months. That said, going with a “natural” look will produce something that feels organic and authentic.

However, the longer your hair, the more management it requires in and out of the shower, and the heavier it gets. Exceptionally heavy hair can actually cause you real pain as it pulls on your head. So this is worth considering. Still, long hair without any trappings of modern salon styling can look amazing. If you haven’t done this in a while, give it a shot.

New Hair That Looks Natural and Feels Amazing

There are a lot of ways to make your hair look and feel amazing. A few chic ways to do that in modernity include utilizing natural dyes like henna, switching shampoos and conditioners to products that are strictly natural, and letting hair grow out naturally. These moves look good, they feel good, and there is a good likelihood you’ll turn heads.

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