How to Make Your Home Safe for Your Little One

How to Make Your Home Safe for Your Little One

Expecting a baby can be exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. Why? Well, amidst the excitement lies the additional responsibility of taking care of another little and lovely human being. 

How to Make Your Home Safe for Your Little One

Of course, before the little one arrives, every sober parent prepares in every possible way. Topping the list of activities is shopping for all the essential supplies and baby gear. Beyond that, there’s something else.

And guess what? It turns out you have to tune your home to accommodate the new member of the family. While it may be several weeks before the baby gets active, you need to check things that may pose a risk that can harm the baby even while on your arms.

To help you fill in the puzzle here are some practical tips on how to make your home safe for the baby:-

  • Install baby gates

To prevent access to certain areas or rooms that may expose the baby to risks once s/he begins to crawl- set up strategic baby gates. You can gate the staircases, kids nursery, entryways to the kitchen or any place you may not want the baby to gain entry. Keeping some areas off-limit is an excellent idea, especially when the baby will not be under one-on-one supervision all the time.

  • Deal with all the sharp/pointed edges

Another obvious way to baby proof your home is taking care of sharp edges and corners on low-lying fixtures and fittings, furniture among other places within the baby’s reach. You can use bumpers or soft padding for cover so that when the baby comes into contact, there is no risk of harm.

  • Block power outlets and power chords

To keep the baby from the danger of electric shock, consider blocking open outlets with furniture. That way, such risky spots remain way out of reach when the baby starts crawling around. Also, be careful with power cords and plugs. The baby can easily pull them or put them into their mouth. Have the cables perfectly fixed and covered along the wall and better, find a way to keep the baby from coming into contact with them.

  • Install smoke detectors

Once babies begin using their senses, their curiosity hits a notch higher. In their quest to familiarise and discover whatever is around them, they can trigger unlikely fire accidents. While you may have kept away flammable materials, you never know when the unexpected can happen. So, to cut off any fires getting of hand, installing an efficient smoke detection system can come handy.

  • Acquire and stock your first aid kit

You never know when your baby will choke when being fed or get bruises from random knocks. Before you get professional help, you need to alleviate the pain at least or stabilize the baby. Basic first aid skills and fully stocked kit could be all you need at such times.

  • Make use anti-slip pads

Whether on light furniture, rags, carpet, with anti-slip pads install you can prevent the baby from pulling or pushing things over. 

Final thoughts

So there you have it. When it comes to child safety at home, nothing comes close to baby-proofing the house. Of course, this article doesn’t include all the hacks. There is a lot more you can do to make your home more baby-friendly before and after s/he arrives. In all, baby proofing doesn’t stop in the house alone. You check outdoors, the car, and any other places that the baby is likely to access. 

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