Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Treatment in East Village

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Treatment in East Village

The human race has faced threatening phases of extinction through pandemics and epidemics such as outbreaks of diseases. Threats like the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) have shown warnings of wiping off the entire civilization to some extent, ravaging and changing humanity’s historical course. HIV has affected many people and exposed them at the peril of contracting other health complications, even Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

However, effective health measures have been put in place to combat this virus that compromises the body’s immunity, such as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). Matt Pabis, MD, a leading specialist in HIV, offers this health care service for prep in East Village. The PrEP therapy service reduces the chances of developing HIV. For more information on PrEP, call the office in East Village or plan an appointment using the online tool today.

PrEP Question & Answers

Pre-exposure prophylaxis is an effective drug taken by HIV-negative people who are at a higher peril of getting HIV. HIV is an immunodeficiency virus that compromises the body’s immunity, thus rendering it unable to fight other disease-causing infections.

HIV can lead to developing an Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS. To some extent, the body might be unable to do away with HIV than other viruses completely. At this point, the only prescribed treatment to curb the situation is to take PrEP therapy daily to reduce the risk of developing HIV.

The fact being that PrEP is designed to lower the risk of getting HIV; there are common factors that can help you consider taking PrEP therapy. Lifestyle behaviors such as if you lead a promiscuous life whereby you have sexual intercourse with multiple people, cases of rape, or intravenous use of drugs.

In conjunction with the honest discussion you will have with Dr. Pabis, she will guide you through healthcare choices, drug use, and lifestyle behaviors. To determine your ability to tolerate PrEP therapy, she will consider your medical background.

PrEP is significantly effective in alleviating you from being at the risk of developing HIV infections if taken correctly and consistently. PrEP prevents viral replication in the body in case you are exposed to the virus during unprotected sex. The anti-HIV drug protects you from developing the virus.

Below are potential candidates for taking PrEP therapy:

  •       If you never use condoms and yet are in a new relationship and are bisexual or gay, and do not know the HIV status of your partner.
  •       When you are in a functional relationship, your partner has an undetectable viral load, yet he or she lives with HIV.
  •       If your partner is promiscuous and you do not use condoms.
  •       In case you shared sharp objects like needles or injections or have been on an injecting drug use treatment program.

Finally, Dr. Matt recommends that you consider taking an HIV test before you begin the PrEP therapy to be sure of your status. Taking PrEP when you are already infected with HIV can lead to your immunity to resist drugs, causing HIV treatment to be ineffective. Schedule regular visits for a check-up of your treatment progress. For more information, book an appointment online or over the phone today!

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